Toddler: Miracle Blanket

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Miracle Blanket

J.B. asks from Chicago

I'm thinking about getting a Miracle Blanket for my son to help with sleeping. Has anyone used a Miracle Blanket and do you like it, does it work?


Miracle Blanket

K.C. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know where I can buy a Miracle Blanket in the Plano area? I'd hate to have to order one and wait for it to be shipped. Thanks!


Miracle Blanket Users - When Did You Stop Using It?

M.G. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter just turned 6 months old and still sleeps wrapped up tightly in her miracle blanket. Wondering when your kids wrestled free. (My oldest used Miracle bla...


5 Month Old Breastfed Baby, Sleep Issues, Formula and Miracle Blanket

K.C. asks from Boston

I think I may have a unique problem that is a combination of breastfeeding, swaddling, sleep, and sanity... My 5 month old daughter Isabella was never a great sle...


Alternative to the Miracle Blanket- Swaddling Question

S.L. asks from St. Louis

Unfortunately my 4.5 month old hHAS to be swaddled @ night and she is getting out of the miracle blanket bc she wiggles so much. Any other options out there that are ...


Sleep Issues - 4 Month Old

M.C. asks from Chicago

My daughter started sleeping through the night (usually from about 8 pm to 6am) at around 8 weeks when we started using the miracle blanket. For the past 1.5-2 weeks ...


Baby Coming Out of Swaddle

R.I. asks from Los Angeles

My son is 16 weeks old. I have been swaddling him in the miracle blanket at night for bedtime since he was about 6 weeks old. I know that the miracle blanket says y...


Just Curious...

L.W. asks from Dayton

Just taking a many of you have used a product called the Miracle Blanket??? What was your experience with it? Do you really think it made a difference. I'm...


Looking for a Swaddeling Balnket

A.B. asks from Lincoln

I was wondering if any of you have a good swaddeling blanket that you fell in love with. I am due in Aug with baby #3 and I have lots of friends that are pregnant al...


Frequent Waking in 4-Month-Old Baby

A.N. asks from Philadelphia

Hello! My daughter just turned four months old and is waking several times throughout the night (anywhere from a few times to almost hourly). She was like this as ...