Toddler: Zyrtec

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When is the best time to take Zyrtec?

N.L. asks from Chicago

I have seasonal allergies, which seem to affect me more in the morning (Post nasal drip, itchy eyes, cough). My doctor advised me to take Zyrtec. Does anyone else t...



A.H. asks from Dallas

Anyone try Zyrtec for allergies/asthma? I was prescribed some for asthma and I really hate taking meds but if its going to help my asthma then i will try it---- Has...



G.A. asks from Tyler

I have a 20 month old who has been on Singulair for allergies. His doctor changed him to Zyrtec yesterday. He took his first dose last night. It seemed to make him...



M.K. asks from Dallas

My little 21 month old takes 2.5 ml of zyrtec everyday and has done so for the past 6 -8 months or so.......he does some allergies but conclusive testing can't be don...


Breastfeeding and Zyrtec

M.P. asks from Sacramento

Anybody know if it's okay to take Zyrtec daily for allergies if you are breastfeeding?


Zyrtec While Breastfeeding

K.A. asks from Dallas

Hi moms! My doc today prescribed Zyrtec for some allergy symptoms that I am having. I specifically asked him if it was ok to take while breastfeeding, he said yes...


Zyrtec and Breastfeeding

L.G. asks from Dallas

I got the OK from my son's pedi that is was okay for me to take Zyrtec while breastfeeding. I have KILLER allergies! She said she took it herself while breastfeeding....


Zyrtec and Behavior

K.P. asks from Seattle

I have a 6 year old daughter who has allergies which seem to crop up this summer. I've given her Zyrtec for the last few weeks and am noticing some horrible behavior...


ZYRTEC - Is It Safe?

K.P. asks from Decatur

Our pediatrician has suggested Zyrtec for my son's allergies. Anyone heard anything about this medication, or used it themselves? I have heard it works better than ...


Zyrtec & Breastfeeding

J.T. asks from Cincinnati

Hi. I'm a mom-to-be, and want to breastfeed when my baby is born. The problem is, I have chronic allergies, and have to take Zyrtec every day. It's the only thing tha...