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Simplicity Crib

F.G. asks from Cleveland

I purchased a Simplicity Milan crib n changer combo for my daughter. I have heard the simplicity went out of business. This crib changes from a crib, to toddler bed a...


Weaning a 14 Month Old

J.M. asks from Nashville

My oldest son, now 5, weaned himself at 14 months. His baby brother, however, does not seemed inclined to stop nursing on his own. He only really nurses 3 times a day...


18 Month Getting Out of His Crib!

S.T. asks from Portland

My second son will be 18months old next week. Last night he woke crying and then his crying increased and I went to check on him and he was out of his crib and tryin...


2 Year Old Birthday

B.S. asks from Dallas

Any suggestions on throwing a 2 year old birthday party in the Fall? My daughters birthday is on Oct 1st and I want to have her something nice, but not too expensive...


Birthday Party Ideas for a 2 Year Old!! Help!!

J.S. asks from Tampa

I wanted to have a party at the local park but was misinformed about the reservation time frame and all the dates around my daughter's birthday are already taken!!! S...


17 Month Old Daughter Hits Head as a Result of Temper Tantrum! Help!!

A.B. asks from Las Cruces

My 17 month old daughter will violently hit her head on anything in reach when she doesn't get her way. She hits her head on the floor, tables or anything else, somet...


My 26 Month Old Won't Stay in Her Room at Night!

D.G. asks from Phoenix

HELP!!! My daughter will not go to sleep without me or my husband in her view. When she finally falls asleep, she gets up up to 5 times a night and we have to put her...


Swimming Lessons with 10 Month Old

R.S. asks from Chicago

Has anyone ever taken swimming lessons with your baby? I thought it could be fun...she's still only 7 months but I was considering it...I'm so tired all the time that...


Discontinued Crib Conversion Rail Kit Needed!

M.N. asks from Dallas

I own 2 Simplicity Ellis 4-in-1 convertible cribs (now in day bed configuration) for my twins. I would like to convert them to full sized beds, but I didn't purchase ...


Over What Are You Nostalgic?

R.H. asks from Austin

I miss having neighborhood mom and pop stores, having friends who 'dropped by', and I miss the simplicity of home cooked holiday meals--now my extended family 'orders...