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Looking for Fun Videos, Cd's and Books to Buy for 4 and 2 Year Old Living Abroad

S.R. asks from Los Angeles

We live in Israel and speak English to our kids. However, the only English they really hear is from other adults, resulting in a pretty funny dialect (my son uses unf...


Videos or Books on Fireman Sam from Sprout

S.C. asks from New York

Hi all- My 31/2 yr old son is completely loving Fireman Sam that plays on Sprout! Has anyone ever gotten any Fireman Sam stuff for their kids? I think it is a London...


Traveling Alone with a 15 Month and a 2 Year Old

J.W. asks from Los Angeles

Oh yes, I know. I should have my head checked. I am flying across country with my two babies, 15 month old son and 28 month old daughter. I've hidden toys (so they;ll...


18 Month Old Doesn't Want to Talk

P.G. asks from Miami

I have a 18 month old boy and he want to talk.I'm a little concerned because he only says "nana" for banana "no" and "tete" for bottle.Even when he plays alone with h...


Family Dog Dies and 13 Month Old Misses Her Terribly...

P.B. asks from Anchorage

We have had our dog for literally 13 years and just last week she was taken by cancer. I knew that me and my husband would have a hard time with it as she had been a...


Learning Programs for My 2 Year Old!

M.M. asks from Omaha

I just became a stay at home mom and I was wondering if anyone know of some programs to help with shapes, colors, numbers, and ext. I want to get my 2 year old as rea...


16 Hour Plane Trip with 11 Month Old Twins

J.C. asks from Anchorage

We are taking our first big airplane trip (from Fairbanks to the MS Gulf Coast) with our twins. They will be riding on our laps. We have several flights with layove...


Potty Training a 2-Year-old Girl

A.R. asks from Portland

Hi Ladies, I'm working on potty training my 2-year old daughter. I'd love to hear about any potty training videos or books your kids like. We read a coupl...


Potty Training Issues for a 33 Month Old Boy

J.S. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms! I need some help from the moms out there with my sons potty training. We have been potty training for a few months now, but with some issues involved...


Seeking Advice Regarding Traveling on a Plane with My Toddler Son.

M.B. asks from Austin

HI to all moms and moms to be. I would like to seek some advice for anyone who had the experience of traveling with their toddler on a plane.I was given an opportunit...