Toddler: Hydracortisone

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17 Month Old with Eczema....

J.P. asks from Grand Rapids

My 17 month old had a bath at grandma's house this morning and when she returned him to me he had an awful raised rash all over his arms legs and trunk. I have alway...


I Have a 4 Month Old Baby with Eczema

S.A. asks from Chicago

My 4 month old baby has eczema. No matter what I use, it doesn't seem to take it away. It always comes back and when it flares up it is really bad. He will scratch h...


Seeking Proven Eczema Solution for 6 Month Old

N.S. asks from Washington DC

My 6 month old daughter has developed a terrible case of eczema over her arms, legs, trunk, and face. She is usually in good spirits, but scratches all day. I have ...


Rash/dry Skin Patches Appearing on 7 Month Old

E.F. asks from Albany

My 7 month old has what appears to be a rash or patches of dry skin on his back and some on his legs. I plan to take him in to the doctors but wondered if anyone els...


Seeking Advice Re: 7-Month Old Who Scratches

S.O. asks from New York

I've been loyally reading everyone's postings everyday and finally have one I need your help with. Our 7-month old delicious girl is generally very easy - great eate...


My 6 Yr Old's Eczema Is Awful!

G.T. asks from Boston

We use Aquaphor, hydra-cortisone cream as well as cream prescribed by her doctor - but her eczema is so persistent! We use 'free' detergent, no fabric softener, and...


What Can I Do for My Son's Dry Skin?

S.T. asks from Albany

My two year old son has such sensitive skin and there are dray marks on his legs especially behind the knees and they are sooo big and and I want to take care of thos...


Anyone Ever Have an Older Child Get the Chicken Pox Virus?

K.C. asks from Hartford

My youngest daughter, who is eleven, has a case of shingles. She, along with her older sister and brother, had chicken pox when they were young. She was only six mo...


Question About a Weird Rash on My Son's Hands.

J.B. asks from Great Falls

My 7 year old son has a weird rash on his hands. It started today, but I've seen it once before. It's just on the back of the hands, mostly around the knuckles at t...


Face Itching, No Rash

K.J. asks from Chicago

My 4 yr old son's face has been itching like crazy for the past few days. We will be getting seen at the doctor this week, but I just wanted to check with y'all to s...