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Help!! My 71/2 Month Old Spits up 24/7, We've Tried EVERYTHING!!

L.A. asks from Cleveland

My daughter has been a very "spitty" up baby for what seems like forever. I was only able to breast feed for 2 mon's due to a milk duct problem in my breast. We hav...


My 9 1/2 Month Old Won't Drink Anything

E.L. asks from New York

Hi Mamas. I need help. I'm a SAHM (until he turns one and then I will be going back to work) and have ONLY breastfed my son since birth. He never really took to a ...


2 Questions About 5 Month Old.....

H.G. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter just turned 5 months. She had a little bit of cradle cap when she was a newborn, but haven't seen any since a few days ago. It just started coming up, rea...


4 Month Old Hates His Bottle, Help!

A.C. asks from New York

I've heard of "bottle wars" before and now I have my own at home. Our 4 month old son had been taking his formula just fine until about a week ago. He hates it! We g...


The Best Nipples or Bottles for My 1 Month Old

K.P. asks from Clarksville

i have been exclusively breastfeeding, but started pumping a couple days ago. my daughter was fussy tonight and she fed until i believe there wasn't anything left so ...


8 Month Old Won't Hold His Bottle

M.W. asks from Indianapolis

Hi ladies, I was around a baby over the weekend who is a week younger than my son. He will my 8 months on the 9th of March and he won't hold his bottle. I put his ...


3 Month Old Won't Take Bottle

L.T. asks from St. Louis

Help! My 3 month old baby girl is refusing a bottle. Sometimes she will hold the nipple in her mouth, but usually she cries the second it is in her mouth. She wan...


Getting a 9 Month Old to Take a Bottle

A.M. asks from Salt Lake City

Okay so for a while I have been feeling like my milk supply has been on the weak side, but thought since my 9 month old has never had a bottle she would just bring it...


Rice Cereal for 1 1/2 Month Old

E.W. asks from St. Louis

Hi everyone! My son's pediatrician has asked me to put rice cereal in the bottle for my son to eat all day (not just at night). I have been trying to gradually do t...


4 Month Old Will Not Take Bottle

L.S. asks from Reno

I have a 4 1/2 month old daughter that loves the boob! LOL When she was born I supplemented bottles while my milk came in. My milk came in on the 6th day and from the...