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Swaddling 3 1/2 Month Old

M.E. asks from Birmingham

I've been swaddling my 3 1/2 month old in SwaddleMe blankets for naps and bedtime, and she's recently started breaking out of the swaddle at night, waking around 1 an...


How to Unswaddle 4 Month Old

H.S. asks from Hartford

My son is four months old. For about six weeks now, he has been taking his naps completely unswaddled, with arms out, just in his sleepsack. For the past few nights, ...


What to Do with My 1 Month Old

A.K. asks from Atlanta

I have a 5 week old son who doesn't like to be put down but we can't live like that. I try the play mat and he cries, I try his chair and that lasts 5 min, same as h...


1 Month Old Won't Sleep on His Back

D.P. asks from New York

Hi moms! I'm a first time mom of a beautiful baby boy. Everythin is going pretty well except for the fact that he does not want to sleep on his back. I'm well aware ...


4 Month Old Ready to Lose Swaddle?

L.T. asks from New York

So my son is 4 1/2 months old and has always been an awful sleeper. We have tried every suggestion in every web site, discussion board, book, and class we could find,...


Advice for Starting My 1 Month Old on Babywise

J.J. asks from Dallas

I read Babywise before I gave birth to my son and was sure that I could easily implement it right away. But, with family in town, the fact that he was growing so quic...


2 Month Old Baby Swaddling....

G.S. asks from Lexington

My son is 2 1/2 months old and loves to be swaddled since he was born. My question is, is there a point where you swaddle too much? He wants to be swaddled when hes t...


4 Month Old Sleep Issues

K.S. asks from Dallas

I have a 4 month old son who was sleeping really well during the night. He was doing his last feeding around 10:00 and staying down until around 4:00. He would get ...


4 Month Old Will Only Sleep in Swing

J.P. asks from Dallas

For the last month, my 4 month old only wants to sleep in her swing. I am trying to get her into her crib. Do you have any suggestions?


Transitioning 5 Month Old from Sleep Swaddle

G.M. asks from Washington DC

We have swaddled our 5 month old son for naps and night time sleep since he was two weeks old and it has worked out great. He has gotten too big and strong for the s...