Toddler: Luv

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17 Month Old Won't Climb

T.G. asks from Philadelphia

My 17 month old won't climb on furniture. It seems like he can't do it. He climbs stairs, but he has a hard ti e climbing up things. Should I be concerned?


Blackberry, Palm Pre, Droid Luv Em or Hate Em?

M.S. asks from Columbus

I will be getting a new phone within the next 4-6 months. It is mind-boggling, trying to think of what will be a good fit for me. I talk and text, but not excessive...


My 20 Month Old Son Still Needs a Bottle at Bed Time.

J.G. asks from Jacksonville

My 20 month old Son, still demands a bottle at bed time and ONLY at bed time. He takes a sippy cup all day long. He does not get or request a sippy cup at nap time du...


18 Month Old Gets Ear Infections with Every Cold

S.B. asks from San Francisco

My son gets an ear infection with every cold he gets. He's seen an ENT, and they recommend he get tubes if he gets another infection. My husband and I are against t...


14 Month Old with No Appetite! Please Help! I Am Worried to Death!!!!

C.T. asks from Jacksonville

My 14 month old daughter has no appetite. It's a long story so let me give you the short version. My daughter was never sick until she was about 10 months old, she al...


1 Year Old Refusing to Eat

C.Y. asks from San Francisco

Hi, my friend's 1 year old son has been refusing that eat very much for the past month. It seems that every meal is a delicate balance between a war versus blissful ...


21 Month Still Drinking Milk at Night

J.J. asks from Houston

I have a 21 month old son who loves is Almond Milk. How do I get him to stop drinking milk after he goes to sleep. I am hoping by doing this, he will start sleeping ...


Potty Training 30 Month Old Son

D.M. asks from Lubbock

Okay, I'm working to get my 30 month old son potty trained. For 14 months he's shown an interest in using the potty. During this time, we've not pushed anything. H...


Seeking New Ideas for What to Feed My 16 Month Old for Lunch

C.R. asks from Kansas City

I am just looking for any ideas on what new things I could feed my 16 month old for lunch. I feel I am just stuck in a rut. She has things like turkey and tortilla ...


18 Month Old with Painful (Burning?) Poops - Not Constipated

K.S. asks from San Francisco

I have an 18-month old son who for the past week has been screaming every time he poops. He's not constipated and doesn't have trouble passing the stool (they are sof...