Toddler: Xopenex

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S.M. asks from Miami

My Daughter thjat is 5 years old ( I believe) is having a terrible reaction to xopenex. It is making her VERY AGGRESSIVE and anxious? Can anyone please make a suggest...


Any Reactions to Xopenex or Pulmicort?

L. asks from Chicago

Has anyone's child use a nebulizer with Xopenex or Pulmicort and had any behavioral reactions? My 2 year old has been acting terrible lately and we have been using t...


Xopenex HFA & Singular Medicine

J.T. asks from New Orleans

My 6 year old granddaughter has been taking Xopenex HFA inhaler for a few months now as well as Singular tablets at other times. I have noticed a severe personality c...


Xopenex vs Albuterol??? Please Advise!!!

A.S. asks from New York

Hi Ladies, My 5 year old DS just started his first bad cough and of course it turns out he has bronchitis !! His ped prescribed him albuterol or xopenex ... I read ...


Can I Still Use Opened Xopenex & Pulmicort past 2 Wks?

M.D. asks from New York

I have a package of opened Xopenex & Pulmicort. Its been in the foil package stored in the cabinet. They are still clear color. I opened it in August. I know it says ...


21 Month Old Daughter Always Sick

M.S. asks from Dallas

Ok, I am a first time mom, but I can't help feeling like my little girl is ALWAYS sick. Since January, she has had 7 ear infections which have finally been put under...


Steriod Use and Inhalers for 21 Month Old?

A.L. asks from Kansas City

When my son was 6 months old, he was diagnosed with whopping cough. Since that time, whenever he gets a cold, he also gets a cough from hell (excuse the term)! I decl...


What to Do About Cough in 15 Month Old???

C.P. asks from Dallas

Hi Mommas! I need some suggestions on things to do for my baby girls cough. Yes I am one of those mommy's who does not medicate unless she REALLY needs it, but...


10 Month Old Son with Occasional Congestion

J.B. asks from Tyler

I have a 10 mo son that started having RSV-like symptoms when he was 3 mo (January) and would go through a bad bout of them each month afterwards until he was 6 mo ol...


Help with My 19 Month Old Son Breathing / Upper Reispatory Infection / Asthma?

C.N. asks from Houston

my son was born premature (2 months early) , he is now 19 months old. In November he got sick with a cold but this one developed into a more severe cold than the ones...