I Can't Find a Bottle That Works for My 7 Month Old. Please Help!

Updated on March 12, 2011
S.D. asks from Belmont, CA
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I started bottle feeding my son formula about 3 weeks ago. He was only breastfed before with occasional pumped bottles. I used Madella bottles. I didn't buy the bigger ones to formula feed since the nipples were always collapsing. My problem now is that the formula spills out the sides of his mouth when he is sucking. I think he is sucking too hard. I have tried Avent, Tommie Tippy and Breastflow bottles. I have tried the slow flow and fast flow nipples for all 3. I have even tried to sit him up more while feeding him. It helps a bit but I shouldn't have to work this hard to feed my son without spilling. He does not have problems with gas, bubbles or spitting up so I don't want to try Dr. Browns. Has anyone else had this problem?? Any advice or suggestions?

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Thanks so much for all of your advice! This is such a great website!! I am going to try the slow flow nipples for the three bottles that I already have and see how that works. Looks like moms are saying that breastfed babies tend to do better with the slower flow nipples. I was trying the fast and medium but none of the slow. Hopefully that will work and if not I will try some of the other suggestions. Thanks again!!!

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answers from Joplin on

I used the Dr.Browns and really liked them...they have nipples that are medium flow nipples. I have also just cut slow flow nipples a little so they are not as fast as the fast flow nipples. I also know the drop in bags can be a hassle but plain old platex bottles work well for babies who have been breast fed.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My experience with 14 years in home childcare, is the majority of breastfed babies prefer the plain old Playtex Nursers with the bags in them (now drop ins..so much easier!), not all..but that seems to be the Go To one we end up with most of the time. But the really picky ones want the tan colored latex nipples, not the clear silicone ones. The silicone ones are stiffer.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

My next suggestion would be to try a orthodontic style nipple. Similar to the nuk pacifier. I work with babies and have found that the ones who have trouble with leaking while sucking do well with this style. The next one I would try would be the playtex wide mouth bottle, some come with disposable liners and they make a regular one as well…I know this can be a troublesome time but he will figure things out…keep up the good work!


answers from Los Angeles on

7 months is old enough to go straight to a cup. (thats what Ive done with my BF babies, at 6 months) one baby could use any cup, while my youngest now does best with a NUBY b/c it doesnt leak etc, the ones with valves are hard for her & when I removed the valve she would pour it everywhere. Just skip the bottle.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have used even flo bottles without any such problem.
My son takes couple bottles of pumped breastmilk , I use medela bottles for him with evenflo nipples. Works well.



answers from Sacramento on

My son was that hard to feed at that age for a few months.
I started out w/slow flow nipples then
moved to medium flow then finally fast flow nipples when he could handle it.
All this happened over a span of up to 6 or 8 months then he stuck w/the fast flow until he ate baby food.
Don't worry and just take it easy on yourself.
Every baby is different and this will probably be your "plight" w/your child......feeding him. It was my struggle. He's 2 now and not the best eater in the world. But don't worry. Unfortunately it will take longer to feed them than other infants. It's okay though. Hang in there!


answers from Chicago on

Some formula coming out the sides of his mouth is normal...at least I think it is. My little ones have always had a little dribble coming out of one side.
Now if it's more than just a dribble, that tells me that the flow is too fast.

I use Born Free bottles, and my 7mos old has been on the stage 3 nipple (fastest flow) for 2 months. But, I've only bottle fed her, so she's used to it. He might not be used to the nipple just, and just might need some practice on one style - rather than keep changing it up.



answers from Stockton on

Maybe he's ready to go to sippy cups - Baby#2 loves sippy cups 'cuz she sees big bro drinking out of glasses and straws and learned how to drink that way very quickly.
experiment and don't worry - he'll figure it out. ;)


answers from St. Louis on

My son was picky about bottles. He liked Dr. Browns because the nipples are smaller. He wanted nothing to do with the big honkin nipples on advents bottles.



answers from San Antonio on

The Playtex Vent-Aire bottles worked really well for both of my children as we made the switch from breast to bottle. It really is trail and error. The little one may need some time as well to adjust to the change in his routine. Eventually you will find one that works.



answers from New York on

I used Dr. Browns when I pumped and bottle fed. My daughter had no problems - Avent did not work for her either. Note: the Dr. Browns are a pain in tthe posterior to clean....



answers from Buffalo on

I used playtex with all 3 of my kids who were breastfed for 12 months. My daughter did not like the vent air like my 2 boys she liked the nurser. Get the natural shape ones(ya know tha large ones that are the size of a small breast)
Just keep trying, buy 1 try it, if it works buy more if not buy anothe 1 and try that. Kids can be picky and sometimes it is not them being picky it is their body structure. You will find something Mommy keep trying.


answers from Kansas City on

NUK nipples worked the best for all of my boys. they were born with cleft lip and palate and NUK were the only "regular" ones they could use.

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