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Books for Kindergartener

My son is not yet reading, but he loves to have chapter books read aloud to him (my husband is currently reading Prince Caspian). I heard the Mercy Watson books are good (is that a boy or a girl pig?...Does that matter?). I want to start getting books that we can read together, but eventually he can read by himself. All we have are the big picture books like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Bear Snores On. Does anyone know of any good books for this next level? Thanks!


Good Lip Balms?

My kindergartener has horribly chapped lips as well as the area all around...

By Car

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Who Should Travel?

I know I will get a good mix of answers to this question....and I am looking forward to them. When a family has small children (new baby, other smalls at home), do you think it is equally their responsibility to travel to visit grandparents, or do you think that because traveling with small children (baby is breastfeeding still) is a task, that most visitors should come to the family with smalls most times? Obviously there will be exceptions just like every question, ie if someone is handicapped and cannot travel, etc etc. I am...


To Travel or Not...

I am about to start a full time job after freelancing for the last 7 years....

Infant Travel Advice

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Disneyland for a 22 Month Old?

I am able to get into Disneyland for FREE on my birthday this year... and I really want to go!! But there are several questions/concerns.... my son will be 22 months at the time... is this too young? Will he actually enjoy it? What about naptime? Should I wait till he's a little bit older and maybe not taking naps? So I don't have to worry about a REALLY cranky toddler? My husband doesn't really want to go... I don't want to force him to go and then end up having a cranky little boy... The only person we'd have to pay for is my husband...


Pregnancy and Travel

Hey Mamas - I am currently 24 weeks pregnant, high-risk only based on the...

Pregnancy and Travel

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Flying in Third Trimester

I am wondering if anyone has an experience with flying in the third trimester. My sister died yesterday and I can't imagine not going to her funeral to be with my family. I am 35 weeks now, I might be 36 weeks on the return flight. I have heard airlines won't allow you to fly after 36 weeks even with a doctor's note? My pregnancy is going fine and there are no complications.


Traveling by Car

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10 Hour Car Ride with 20 Month Old Toddler

Does anyone have any suggestions for making a 10 hour trip more enjoyable (tolerable) for a 20 month old little boy? We just ordered a travel tray thing to help out and we have a car dvd player that we haven't used yet and think that should help somewhat, but we haven't gone on a trip this long with our son since last summer and now that he's way more mobile and active, I worry that he's not going to do well that long in the car. When I say 10 hours, that is just what mapquest says, so I know it'll be longer with potty breaks for us and...

Traveling by Plane

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Breast Pumping on Airplane Flight

I am taking a trip across country soon and I am concerned about breast pumping on the long plane ride. Until recently I didn't even know breast pumping on the airplane was a option. I am currently using the Medela Symphony pump and solely pumping about every 3 to 4 hours at home. The first leg of the flight is 5 hours and the second leg is 3 hours. This does not include extra time to be at the airport and I am unable to pump during the layover in Atlanta. (I hear you have to run to the gate to transfer flights). I am worried about...


Carseats in Airplane

Do you know if the carseats fit into airplane seats well? We will be flying...


Whole Family

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Where Do You Take a 22 Month for Vacation?

My husband and I are looking for a place for vacation (about 1 week) where my 22 month old boy can enjoy it too, any suggestion? We don't mind flying as long as it's not like 10 hours flight.


Where to Vacation???

So my husband and i are thinking of taking a vacation togeather next year...

Without Kids

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Travel Without Kids

A little husband and I LOVE TO TRAVEL. We live for it. Sure, I'd like to remodel my kitchen but between that and a great trip, bring out the suitcases! So we have 4 year old and 7 week old sons. Our 4 year old has traveled more than many adults I know including international trips starting at a very young age. And we are big believers in traveling without kids as well - I think its good for our marriage and our general sanity, and we have grandparents in town who have always jumped at the chance for some alone time...