Toddler: Nasonex

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J.H. asks from Charlotte

Has anyone seen adverse side effects in their children from Nasonex? My 2 year old son was just prescribed nasonex due to a mold allergy. Thanks for your help!



D.K. asks from Denver

Has anyone used this on their children? I took my son to get his checkup on his ear tubes today. I mentioned to the Dr again that for over a year he has had serio...


Nasonex While Pregnant?

B.S. asks from Honolulu

I just recently found out that I'm pregnant with #3. I'm excited and happy but I've been taking Nasonex because I thought it was safe. Today I googled it and found ou...


Singulair and Nasonex

M.M. asks from Rochester

My 8 year old son has had a persistent cough for about 7 weeks or so. I took him to the doctor 8/19, and they took an x-ray of his lungs. The doctor diagnosed him w...


Ways to save on Singulair and Nasonex

C.M. asks from Dallas

I am looking for ways to save on Nasonex and Singulair prescriptions. We do have insurance, but last time I bought Nasonex it was still $75 I think. I'm not sure ho...


Has Any One Used Nasonex for Their Children??

R.T. asks from Oklahoma City

I am just wondering if any one has used Nasonex for they kids? My 17 mo old was prescribed Nasonex today for his runny nose. I'm concerned about using steroids in som...


Zyrtec Vs. Nasonex

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

My 2.5 year suffers from a chronic wet cough. It's been months and months and the cough is still there. At one point, we gave him Zyrtec per the dr's recommendation...


Flonase or Nasonex and Breastfeeding....

R.H. asks from Spokane

My seasonal allergies have flared up just recently. I'm unsure if I can use Flonase or Nasonex. My doctor said I could use it while I was pregnant. Now that I'm br...


Nasonex for a Seven Year Old...

J.J. asks from Pocatello

My seven year old son has suffered from severe migraines since he was three. This last summer they increased in both frequency and severity. I finally convinced his d...


Use of Nasonex & Singulair in an 1-Year-old

J.B. asks from Dallas

My little boy will be one next month. He has been on a variety of medicines throughout his life, primarily for GERD. We saw an allergist last week to get him teste...