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Diaper Rash A&D?

L.A. asks from Los Angeles

Anything work better than A&D for a diaper rash? I can't seem to get rid of it.


Walmart Brand Pediasure and A&D Ointment?! Has Anyone Used Them!?

B.L. asks from San Diego

My sons pedi recommended we give him Pediasure while moving (20 hour road trip from San Diego to Washington) because he won't drink cold milk. My only concern is how ...


Getting A&D Ointment off Clothes, Hair, and the Smell Out of the House

J.P. asks from Chicago

My adorable 2 1/2 year old niece just emptied an entire tube of A&D ointment on herself. While mom and dad were talking in the other room, she squeezed it out and ru...


A&D Ointment in Hair

J.C. asks from Lincoln

My 2 year old son got into the A&D ointment and decided it would make good hair gel. Any suggestions for getting it out? We scrubbed his head with baby shampoo 3 time...


Is It Ok to Use Diaper Rash Ointment like A&D on Flea Bites on the Face?

A.B. asks from Janesville-Beloit

Im a first time mom and i have 3 dogs and this is the first time I have came across a flea problem with any of my dogs. My 4 month old has tons of bites all over her ...


Question About My 14 Month Old Son

H.C. asks from Lincoln

I have a 14 month old son who usually is well behavied. Just in the last 2 to 3 weeks is has started throwing a tantrum everytime he is getting his clothes changed o...


Help - My 13 Month Old Has a Bad Diaper Rash!

A.L. asks from Norfolk

My 13 month old daughter developed a sudden diaper rash with two very raw areas that look like popped blisters (approx 2 cm in diameter)right where her bottom cheeks ...


Milk for 12 Month Old?

K.C. asks from Chicago

My son will be 12 months soon and we are looking forward to getting him off that expensive formula but we aren't sure what to put him on after that. My 3 year old da...


In and Out of the Hospital with 13 Month Old

S.L. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 13 month old son who has had lots of problems with asthma. The first time he was hospitalized for it he was only 7 weeks old and it has been an on going batt...


17 Month Old with Possible Tomato Allergy??

S.M. asks from Minneapolis

Everytime we feed our little girl pasta with sauce or most anything with Tomato's in it her chin gets very red and rashy. I did some research on the Internet and foun...