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3 Month Old Will Not Take Bottle - Help!

M.B. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I know you all will be able to help me. You always do! My son is 3 months old and is exclusively breastfed. When he was 2 weeks old I introduced a bott...


My 2 Month Old Won't Take a Bottle Anymore

G.L. asks from Dallas

I had a little girl on the 30th of May and have been breastfeeding her since then. I am a school teacher so have had the summer off and have been breastfeeding on dem...


Have Anybody Delivered at Health Central Hospital?

G.M. asks from Orlando

How was your experience? Could you recommend an OB doctor who delivers there? I am due in march and I am thinking of switching doctors and hospital, because my las...


Safe Bottle Compatible with Breastfeeding?

D.D. asks from Hartford

I am pumping a little as I will need to bottle feed my almost six month old breastfed daughter soon when I have dental work done (I will have to pump and dump after t...


Which Plastics Are Safe and Unsafe to Use?

J.R. asks from Daytona Beach

Does anyone know if it is unsafe to use the #7 plastics (as mentioned in Parents magazine) when it is with Gerber stage 2 foods?


Switching from Bottle to Sippy Cup

E.C. asks from Phoenix

hi ladies, i was wondering if i could get some help on how to switch my 11 month old from her bottle to putting her milk in a sippy cup. i have tried to put half her ...


Any Info on Phalate-free Products?

A.B. asks from Chicago

Just wondering if anyone knows which products are phalate-free? I saw the news articles regarding baby soaps/shampoos that are being absorbed into their bodies and f...


12 Week Old Refusing a Bottle. NEED HELP!

R.F. asks from Dallas

My 12 week old son is refusing to take a bottle. We introduced the bottle for the first time at 4 weeks, and he took it with no problem. We gave him a bottle about on...


Getting 14 Month off the Bottle

B.O. asks from San Francisco

Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there has advice about how to get my 14 month old off the bottle. She will drink out of a sippy cup (water and juice only) but she ...


Terrible 2'S Seems Too Early

A.M. asks from Memphis

I have a 15 month old daughter who is just trying. She is hitting, throwing things, not listening. I know that she is more than likely trying me, but I get tired of...