Toddler: Born free

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Weaning 12 Month Old

S.L. asks from Cleveland

My daughter is 12 months old. I have breastfed her exclusively since birth (no bottles) and she has been drinking water from a sippy cup very well since about 7 month...


Weaning 21 Month Old

K.G. asks from Burlington

Hey, Im writing to ask for wisdom and advice on how to wean my little toddler. We have been cutting down the nursing sessions to just before nap, before bed and 1...


How Do I Wean My 22 1/2 Month Old?

M.H. asks from Merced

My son will be 2 in Nov. and I thought I could make it till then, but I am finding myself losing more and more sleep by the day. He wants to nurse all night long. I c...


16 Month Old Has NEVER Slept Thru the Nite

N.L. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Moms! My 16 month old daughter has never slept thru the night. she wakes every few hours (2-3) to wake for a feeding. (she gets soy milk from a bottle). she...


My 13 Month Old Boy Has No Interest in Eating

M.W. asks from Chicago

Not sure what to very active 13 month old boy has no interest in eating. He is little (18.5 pounds) so I want to make sure he eats. He freaks out when I conta...


2 Year Old Still on the Bottle

S.M. asks from Sacramento

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to get my 2 year old off of the bottle? He is still on formula as well, we are trying to get him on other foods but he has a v...


1 Year Old - Eating Habits/Schedule

L.L. asks from New York

I think some of you misinterpreted my request to mean that my son is not eating table food. He is eating all kinds of table food. The only reason that I am still gi...


How Do I Get My 1 Year Old off the Bottle and on a Sippy

L.W. asks from Cincinnati

Hi Ladies, I am once again ready to listen. Please bear with me as I have questions about the questions I am going to ask. My daughter turns 1 on Monday. I was told...


18 Month Old on Bottle Still

H.H. asks from Rochester

Hey, thank you so much for the help in the past. My daughter is just about 18 months old and i'd like to take her bottle away. We hve been using sippy cups and str...


Advice on Weaning 1 Year Old off the Bottle to Sippy Cup

K.C. asks from Honolulu

Does anyone have advice on HOW and WHEN to wean a baby off the bottle to a sippy cup???? My son just made 1 yr last week. We took him in for his 1 year well baby che...