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Best Baby Mattress?

I've been trying to find information online about the best mattress to buy...


Career or Baby

I'm 25 years old and getting ready to finish college. My husband is several...


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Why Do You Love/hate Your Mattress? Anyone Have a Saatva?

I hate our mattress. I have for years! We have a Sleep Number (plain jane one) that we have had for about 12 years (however, the bladders are only 6 years old since they were damaged by the movers when we moved and they paid to have them replaced). I wasn't happy when we bought it, but my husband was crazy about having one. The first night I slept on it, I woke at said "we paid $XXXX for THIS?" I swear that even if this bed crippled my husband, he would have "loved" it - he simply was not going to be wrong about this purchase no...


Financial Problems

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Mom Seeking Online College

Hey moms, I need some advice. I'm needing to take 6 hours of Business courses this summer to promote in my feild of employment. I would love to take them on line, but not sure which school has the best rep. for on line coarses. DeFry and Univ. of Pheniox are a couple I'm looking at. Any thoughts. Any help will be great. Thanks C.

Financial Responsibility

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Looking for a Good Deal on a Full-sized Brand Mattress

I have a beautiful bed set on the way for my four year old daughter and I am in need of a good priced brand mattress that doesn't cost in the $1,000's. I like Simmons Beautyrest at Mattress Firms Superstore, but it's $1200 or the next step down is $917. A friend of mine has Sealy for her girls, but what's a good price? My husband didn't think a good mattress would cost that much. His idea is to get something for now and trade up later. My idea is to get a great, comfortable mattress now so we won't have to think about it for years to...


Rent to Own or Lease

ok my least is coming up in a couple of months and I'm interested in a home...


Financial Service Providers

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What Is the Time Limit?

My fiance's soon to be ex-wife has filed a divorce but then didn't tell him when the court date so it did not get finalized. Now she is telling him she is ready for the divorce but HE has to file this time. I was just wondering...since she already filed, can they just set a court date to finalize it? Or does he have to start all over with it? Is there a time limit on a divorce being filed? JUST TO LET EVERYONE THAT KEEPS SENDING ME THE NEGATIVE RESPONSES....EVERY DETAIL OF OUR LIVES IS NOT WHAT YOU ARE GETTING FROM THIS REQUEST. WHAT...


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Anyone Have a Posturpedic Bed and Hate It?

We are going bed shopping this weekend and the hubby us leaning toward the Posturpedic. I've heard a few positive comments but so far no one seems to have any complaints. Before we spend $4000-5000 for a new mattress set, I'd like to hear any cons. We bought our current bed three years ago, but it gives us back and body aches all over. Don't want to make that same mistake again.


Buying a Mattress

We need to purchase a new box spring and mattress set. I always hate the...


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Good Mattress for Kids?

We would like to upgrade my DD to a full mattress. What are good brands? Has anyone tried IKEA and if so, what did you get or like?


First Big Kid Bed

Hi, We are about to transition our almost 3 year old to a big boy bed. I...


Best Baby Mattress?

I've been trying to find information online about the best mattress to buy...

Major Purchases

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Buying a Mattress

We need to purchase a new box spring and mattress set. I always hate the process because I feel like you can't tell what will be a good fit if you don't live with it for a while. What tricks do you have and/or what do you look for when you're buying a bed? What did you think you think you'd like in the store and discovered you hated once you got it home? And if you own one of those fancy as seen on tv ones (like a sleep number or temperpedic), do you love it? Hate it? Practical advice please! We'll be shopping in January. I've read...

Saving Money

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Looking for Feedback on Sleep Number Beds

My husband and I have come to realize we really need a new bed/mattress. Ours is just not comfortable any longer and is causing too many sleep issues. We want to make a good sound investment but also need to be budget conscious. Our sleeping styles/preferences are very different so we were wondering about the Sleep Number beds that are advertised on t.v. He tends to be a stomach sleeper and I am a side sleeper. He likes a firmer mattress while I (think I) like a medium to softer mattress. Do you have a Sleep Number bed or have you...