Mattress Shopping, Lots of Questions...

Updated on June 22, 2011
R.D. asks from Richmond, VA
13 answers

First off, what is the average price of a regular king size mattress with box springs?

Second, what do I want or NOT want in a mattress?

Third, can anyone recommend a good place to purchase in RVA?

Yep, we're spoiling ourselves and using the $ we got as wedding gifts on a new bed, we HATE HATE HATE our mattresses now! We have a queen size but it still feels like we're sleeping together on a cot... We're both relatively small, but apparently I sleep like a ninja ;)

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answers from Sheboygan on

We just got latex mattresses and we LOVE them!!!! We ordered from Kind of pricey but totally worth it, in our opinion! :-)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Go to an Original Mattress Factory and choose from their good-better-best line based on what you want to spend.

Otherwise--good luck. Different stores carry different brands/models/etc. making it virtually impossible to compare apples-to-apples.

The OMF bed in our house has the BEST mattress. They're awesome.

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answers from St. Louis on

I got a king cause lets face it those sneakly little buggers end up in your bed from time to time and you need the room. The worst was one night we had a storm and first the youngest, then the next, then my then 19 year old daughter, when my son, 21 at the time knocked on the door I said hell no! Not sure if he actually wanted to sleep in the bed as well but he claimed he was just checking to see where everyone went.

Sleep numbers suck! The only people who like them they use on the commercials. :p

Tempurpedic are great but they do make you warm. I have a Serta with a memory foam topper built in. Love it! If I remember correctly it was $1,200 two years ago.

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answers from San Francisco on

You do NOT want a pillow-top mattress. At all. They are great for a year and then the pillowtop flattens out, and it's not covered under the supposed 20-year warranty. (I'm not bitter ;)

On the recommendation of a few friends, we recently bought the memory foam mattress that they sell at Costco. For our CA King sized mattress, we paid $800ish, I believe (we already have the CA King foundation, so we didn't need to buy that). It's the same technology as Tempurpedic, but a quarter of the price because it's Costco. We've had it for about 6 months now, and my back feels great! (Our old pillow-top mattress had been making us both crippled. LOL) They have improved the technology over the past few years for memory foam, from what I understand. People used to complain about the mattress making them feel hot - my husband is a hot sleeper anyway, but he says that he has not noticed the mattress retaining heat at all. Overall we've been very pleased with the memory foam mattress and feel it was well worth the money.

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answers from Norfolk on

Mattresses are tough because everybody likes something different and what's right for them might be totally wrong for you.
Some people swear by the Sleep number mattresses, but I've tried them and don't like them - but that's just me.
Some people swear by the memory foam - others feel they hold in too much heat.
Next time I go mattress shopping I think I'll be looking for a natural latex foam mattress.

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answers from Seattle on

Do you have Ikea, in your area? We got our mattress there. It was $289 for a comfy King size mattress. We dont have a box spring. If you want a box spring it will be more....We looked at all the ''NAME'' brand mattress stores, Macy, Sleep country...Everything was gonna be 2k plus. That to me just seems nuts for a mattress.

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answers from Sacramento on

I just bought a new mattress set a few months ago. I would expect to pay $1,500 to $2,000+ for a basic mattress set; more for Tempurpedic.

Like the others have said, mixed reviews on the Sleep Number and Tempurpedic beds. When I was buying our traditional mattress, there was a couple there replacing their Sleep Number bed. They hated theirs. In addition to the heat, have heard the Tempurpedic beds smell like chemicals for the first week or so. Made me wonder what's in them. Ick.

Have also heard mixed on the fluffy pillow top feature. My parents thought theirs was great at the beginning but over time that pillow layer flattened in spots and they hated it.

My best tip is to go to a mattress store where you can try them out and talk to someone who really knows mattresses. I didn't think I was a mattress snob, but could really tell the difference as the price/quality went up. Much more comfortable to me. I ended up getting a Stearns & Foster traditional mattress on a good sale.

Good luck!

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answers from Raleigh on

Look into a mattress warehouse type store. That's where I got a good deal on our king size. A king mattress should have 750+ coils. You are looking at at least $700. I shopped and looked for 6 months before finding a Simmons for $750. Memory foam are really hot and they off gas more than an innerspring. Make sure you allow the mattress to be unwrapped for a few days before you sleep on it. Mattresses have some serious chemicals on them. If you have any specific questions send me a message I just bought our mattress 2 weeks ago so all the info is fresh in my mind.

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answers from Washington DC on

Hey MOMMA!! Welcome back!!!

I gave you a shout out on Saturday - with words of wisdom - read it!!!

I personally wouldn't do a coil spring mattress again...we too are looking to buy a new mattress....most likely a temperpedic or a sleep number...we know people who have both and LOVE IT!!!!

I would ensure that there is a warranty on the mattress (keep your receipt)! and that you LOVE it when you lay on it...



answers from Richmond on

A king size bed is AWESOME! My husband and I both had full size beds when we moved in together and I quickly vetoed that! We bought our 1st mattress set from a friend who had a cheapo set she used on a guest bed. But we upgraded to an organic cotton, anti-allergen mattress from Sears on deep discount - about $700 for the mattress only (you are probably looking at $1500-$2k for a good quality set). They frequently have sales and coupons so be sure to look for those online. Then I would go to a couple of stores and check them out first hand. You aren't going to know what you like until you try it! I would go with something a little firmer than you think you want as they loosen up a bit when they age. Also, for us, a nice memory foam mattress topper makes our bed feel like heaven! Soft yet supportive. You can get those just about anywhere - I bought ours from - get at least a 3" one (the 1-2" compress down to nothing too quickly). You are going to LOVE a king bed - the two of us + the kids + the cat can all fit not to mention the room you newlyweds will have for other things! LOL



answers from Washington DC on

I have chronic pain issues and we've tried a number of mattresses over the years. About 8 years ago we bought a kingsize adjustable tempur-pedic and LOVE it. Would never get anything else.The kids love it so much we had to buy everyone a tempur-pedic like topper from Costco. I even travel with a topper so I can sleep on the road.



answers from Richmond on

R. - My husband and I purchased our king mattress and box springs at the Sears warehouse on Tomlynn about 4 years ago. We only paid $600, and we've been very pleased with it. We didn't do any research on it (I typically research the heck out of something big like that before making a purchase), and we just found the one that felt good.

S. (


answers from Washington DC on

We got a pillowtop King a year ago - and now it's starting to hurt our backs. Lovely! It was a lot of money too. So we are going to deal with it for a while still, and then get a tempurpedic. My parents and brother have one and they both love them. So I would DEFINITELY go with that if I was going to buy a new one :o).

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