Seeking A/C Repair Guy

Updated on November 22, 2009
M.U. asks from Fairfax, VA
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Hi ladies,
My A/C doesn't seem to be running properly so I need someone to come out and look at it (or possibly fix it). Since we are fairly new to the area, we don't know of anyone reliable that can do the job for a reasonable price. Any suggestions?
Thanks :)

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So What Happened?

Thank you, Ladies, so much for your recommendations for A/C service. I called Kirk Wilson from Dean A/C and was told that we may want to check our filter first to see if it needed to be replaced. If that doesn't solve the problem, then I have all of your recommendations and will go down the list. Kirk seems to be a pretty honest guy so we may have him and a couple others come to the house to diagnose the problem. I have a feeling it's the filter :) Thanks again!!

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In case you have not found someone yet....I SECOND Kirk Wilson with Dean AC. He does an amazing job, and is very honest and fair. I am a Realtor, and I would highly recommend his service to any of my clients!

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Harris Air Services - found them on this site through a referal. They seem pretty good, phone number is ###-###-####

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We just had to have ours replaced but we used One hour a/c. They were very professional and honest. They would be able to help with the repair at a reasonable cost.



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I'd like to recommend Jesse Simmons at ###-###-####. His company name is Jesse's A/C and Appliance Service. He works independently so he doesn't have to pass on overhead and advertising expenses to the customer like the big guys. What you do get is one-on-one service. His e-mail is him C. sent you!



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All Service Htg & A/C 972/517-7961

We have used All Service Heating & A/C for years. They have replace our condensor and last summer replaced our coils! They are wonderful.

Welcome to Texas! from a native



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Hayward Air - he's awesome, and local to Allen.



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I have used this company several times as we bought a home with two a/c units. Very professional, and very thorough on explaining to me what is going on and what needs to be fixed. Cost is very reasonable. I would highly recommend Dunrite HVA Services.



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My mother reffered me to this man. I have rental properties. I know I can trust him to be honest, and a fair price. Speedy ###-###-####



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My neighbor is very reliable and trustworthy. His name is Kirk Wilson-- he runs Dean Heating and Air Conditioning.

I think you will be really happy! He has done a lot of work for us and we feel so comfortable since we know him.

Welcome to the area!
A. (originally from Iowa!)



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where do you reside? not the house address but the town...:)



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Houston best Company for Save energy, Save natural resources, save money and Green is Houston Air Conditioning Company. We concentrate Houston air conditioning in the following services to care for your home or company:

• Houston Air Conditioning Repair Services
• Houston Air Conditioning Maintenance
• Houston Air Conditioning Replacement
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• Houston Energy Solution
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• Houston Insulation
• Houston House Sealing
• Houston Radiant Barrier
• Houston Duct Sealing
• Houston Lighting

24 Hours AC Repair and Service - Houston

Our Service is Fast, Excellent and for Saving your money.

We are the best 24 Hours Services in Houston.

Call US ###-###-####


We have got awards for best air conditioning repair and cleaning company in Houston and USA



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Alex Rangel with Rangel quality air out of Irving.


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We use Collin Air Conditioning in Plano. ###-###-####

Brian and his team are ver professional, timely and fair.

We built our house in 2000 and had trouble with the units the builder installed and instead of using builder warranty for the same crappy system......Brian and his team ripped everything the builder did OUT, including furnaces, wiring, ALL. They installed everything new and the difference is unbelieveable.

Since we did that about 4 years ago, we have had no issues whatsoever. I just call them to come out every summer to check it (no charges, yet)

Remember that you get what you pay for. The installation, competence and work ethic of the person working on your system makes a huge difference on your system and how it works in your home.

Some companies rely on how many "jobs" they can do in 1 day vs how WELL they do the jobs they have. Repeat customers come from quality work. Some people rely on you not getting your repair and you having to call them back out numerous times....which = more $$$$ out of your pocket.

Brian and his team are fair and ethical. We highly recommend them.



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We use Jim Gamble's Air Care and we love them! They are great and have never let us down. They are also honest... can't beat that! Tell him A. Blakeney sent you! Here is his contact info: 2211 Spring Leaf Dr, Carrollton, TX ###-###-####.
=) A.



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Welcome to TX! I want to recommend ACME Air. Their number is ###-###-#### and they are wonderful. They are a family owned company and very honest and timely. They really are a family owned company...Mom, Dad, son and daughter. Please give them a call.




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I use Blake at Harris Air. I have enclosed his phone # and email address. Also he has a website called
There are coupons for service calls and repairs on his site as well

Call ###-###-#### for an Appointment or

e-Mail us at

If you call tell him P. recommended him. He has worked on my air and our neighbors numerous times and we have always been very happy. He is one person that is so honest and truthful and if you dont' need something done he's going to tell you so. I recommend him 110%. He is in McKinney so it would be close for you as well. P.



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My husband, Greg, would be happy to look at your A/C and give you a good estimate. We started our business one year ago but, he's worked in this industry for over 25 years. We have some information on mamasource under local business reviews and have a website Please look over our information and please call us. We'd love to serve your family now & in the future.

D. Bell
Green Air Technology

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