Smaller Crib Recommendations and Slings

Updated on May 10, 2009
J. asks from Skokie, IL
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I am expecting baby #2 and live in a small house. Both my older daughter and the newborn will be roommates after the baby is originally with me in my room for a while (as long as I can last sleeping w/a new born). I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for smaller crib options? I looked at Ikea and saw a few as well as a few on Target's website. I'm not looking to spend a fortune, but since our full size crib was given to us, I feel okay about spending a few dollars. Also, for those who have used them, Kangaroo pouches and slings? Suggestions on whether to get a fleece or cotton? Baby is due to August.


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I do not have advice on a crib but as far as slings I loved my cotton Hotsling!!! It was so comfy, I used it all of the time!! Congrats and good luck.



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When is your baby due? I loved using my fleece Kangaroo Korner pouch, but I used it in the winter time, and my baby still would sweat when he fell asleep in there. I think it might be too hot for summer. But it was a godsend.

I spent $60 on the Moby and couldn't figure it out enough to use it. The fabric is reaaaally long and drags on the floor when you're putting it on. I was just thinking about how/where to sell it.

It's not a sling per se, but I'm loving the Ergo carrier lately. I do have the newborn insert, but never tried it.



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for a sling look at a moby wrap...

also check out bellybum boutique 4347 N. lincoln.

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I LOVE the Kangaroo Korner Fleece Pouches. So easy to use. Very comfy. I haven't used the cotton KK pouches, but the fleece breathes really well and it will be cool much more than it will be warm. I'd go for the fleece.

Don't have much advice on the crib... we have baby #2 who just "moved out" of our bedroom at 10 months. Now she shares a room with her brother, and that seems to be going ok....



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I am a home child care provider. I have two "safety craft" cribs that I bought through a catalog like Discount School Supplies or Early Childhood Manufacturer's direct (ECMD). These cribs come in cherry, oak or natural. They have a nice finish, they are foldable and sturdy. The mattress that came with it, though is more like a mattress pad, so I bought new ones at Baby's R Us, who also sells sheets that fit these mini cribs.

Many child care programs use small cribs because they take up less floor space. You can even get them with big wheels so if you need to evacuate for a fire drill, the babies all sit in the crib as you wheel it out the door. I used them for my own children, too. I think the mini crib is fine for children up to two years old and then they can transition onto a big bed.



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I liked the sling I got from Dr. Sears' website.

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