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Multiple Allergy Baby Does Not Seem to Tolerate Neocate

M.H. asks from Tampa

Hello there, my 7 month old daughter is still breastfeeding and eating some solids. She has multiple food allergies/intolerances and my diet has been seriously restr...


4 Year Old Potty Trained W/diaper Rash????

S.X. asks from Chicago

My son has allergies and sensitve skin. He has gotten some pretty nastey diaper rashes in the past. He's been potty trained for almost 2 years. But frequently he c...


Seeking Other Mom's Who Have Food Allergic Children

A.B. asks from Boston

Hi, my son is 3 years old and has well over 40 food allergies and is on a very strict limited diet consisting of only 8 foods which he suppliments with neocate jr. I...



N.S. asks from Los Angeles

We just found out my one year old is allergic to the following: MILK, PEANUTS, eggs, wheat, brown rice, rice, chicken, beef, salmon & peas. I have NO idea what to fee...


6 Month Old with Severe Food Allergies and Bad Refluxing

H. asks from Houston

My 6 month old was diagnosed at 3 months old as having food allegies. This was discovered after 3 months of a very sick baby. She had bad refux, eyes draining constan...


8 Week Old So Miserable... Allergy, Intolerance to Formula or Colic?

R.M. asks from Boston

we switched to alimentum last week for my poor little one. she had been so so gassy and cranky and spitty on similac sensitive. since on the alimentum she's still g...


My 3 Yr Old Son Just Outgrew Milk Allergy.

A.H. asks from Denver

My 3 year old son has finally outgrown his allergy to milk protein (YAY) but he won't try new foods or even basic foods that he used to not be able to eat. In my lit...


Soy Milk for 15 Month Old

G.G. asks from Chicago

My 15 month old had a milk protein allergy and was on Neocate until 12 months. Since then he started milk and has done well. However, he now has ezcema. Not horrib...


My Two Year Old Has a Cow's Milk and Soy Allergy

S.W. asks from Phoenix

We've recently made the discovery that my son has a cow's milk allergy by journaling his food for about a month, then doing a blood test. (He LOVES milk, cheese, ice...


Four Month Old with Terrible Gas (And Getting Worse). Problems with Breastmilk?!

M.S. asks from San Francisco

My 4.5 month old son has terrible gas/stomach problems and it is getting worse. Some background: He was born 1 month premature and started having stomach issues fairl...