Has Anyone Used Infant Neocate Formula?

Updated on August 03, 2010
J.N. asks from Littleton, CO
7 answers

Our 3 month old was just put on Neocate to see if it cleares up the mucus in her poop. If you have used this formula you know how expensive it is. Is there anything I need to know about using it?

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answers from Denver on

I have a whey formula for my son (age 2.5)...What I wanted to pass on is that it took some calling and all, but if I bought 4 cases of cans (made by Nestle) then it was $125 and only like $5 a can as opposed to $9 if I bought smaller amounts. I worked with the insurance and doctor to get them to cover it. May be a cost cutter method for you too...never hurt to ask.



answers from Boise on

My daughter is on Neocate infant as well, and has been since she was 3 months old. It did wonders for her. She went from blood in her stool and mucousy poops to no blood and no mucus almost over night once we started it. I did have to mix it with breast milk for a couple days to get her used to the taste, but then it was smooth sailing. It does smell horrible, like the others said. If it causes constipation problems, talk to you Dr. They might have you give her some apple juice or a light laxitive to combat it if it is the only formula that works for your baby.

I am in Idaho, and our insurance does not cover it. We've been battleing them for 5 months now! However, the cost is worth it to us since her health is so much better now. I have found that the cheapest way to buy it yourself is to order directly from www.neocate.com

hope this helps.



answers from New York on

My daughter was placed on Neocate for the first time, she is 7 weeks old. I have been breastfeeding for the entire time and still trying to offer formula. She cries all the time so I tried Enfamil premium first thinking that the breastmilk wasn't enough, then hearing alot of babies had problems with it I switched to Good Start Gentle plus and that still had her crying and now spitting up. The peid said try the Neocate and I went to my local WIC office and they did cover it. I have yet to find where its sold so I am still offering breastmilk only to her, though I desperately need to offer her a bottle since I am returning to college in September. Is there anyone that can help?



answers from Salt Lake City on

Hi J.,

Our 11-month-old twins are on Neocate. We fought to get them on it when they were around 2 months old. Yes, we know how expensive it is - but our insurance covers 80%, so that made it a lot easier.

Anyway, I'm not sure what you would need to know about using it that you haven't experienced by now. Mine had a hard time with it at first because it is so thin. We went from mixing Alimentum at a higher calorie level (so even thicker than typical) to the Neocate, which is like water. They had reflux quite badly before the Neocate but the Neocate made it worse because it was so thin. To ease the transition, we slowly mixed small amounts of Neocate in with the previous formula. That helped the reflux a bit, but never eliminated it.

So, that would be the only thing about the Neocate that I think you would need to deal with for your baby.

Oh - warning - Neocate smells horrible going in and even worse coming out! I honestly can't describe the Neocate odor - but you may already be experiencing it, so you could know what I mean. And, poops generally turn a blackish green on Neocate along with the amazing stench. That's because it is so broken down already that the bowels just don't have much work to do. Ok, that really is all I can think of.

Feel free to contact me if you have any Neocate or MSPI questions. I'm not a pro, but I've been going through it with my babies for almost a year now.




answers from Provo on

My now 6 year old had to take that. (i felt so bad for him because I'm sure it tastes horrible...but what can you do) He got really, really constipated on it, so you might have to watch that, like all the others are saying. If you qualify, WIC will cover it for you, you'll just have to provide a doctors note saying that your baby needs it.
Also, someone else mentioned this. I would highly recommend doing NAET treatments. It considered alternative medicine, but it really works. My son can eat anything now! If only I had known about it earlier he wouldn't have suffered so much.



answers from Colorado Springs on

We used it just briefly with our son. Unfortunately, we're very lucky people and he had troubles with it, too. :) He became very very contipated. So we took him off and ended up helping another family by selling the stuff on craigslist.

One thing I can tell you to help with the cost is to call your doctor's office and see if they can get you hooked up with a coupon for a rebate on a future order...and perhaps some samples.

We fortunately were able to finally help our son after my husband was trained to perform NAET treaments (he's a chiropractor). You might want to check into that to see if it would be another avenue that you could pursue.



answers from Denver on

My daughter is on Infant Neocate now. She is just one day older than your little girl! She had colic and blood and mucus in her stools with breastfeeding even when I eliminated all potential allergens from my diet. We did a trial of Alimentum and the same thing happened. My older daughter had the same thing happen, although she was older when it started and she was able to tolerate Nutramigen. My younger daughter has been on the Neocate for about a month now and has been doing well. She does have the horrible, smelly poop that the other mom talked about. She also still has mucus in her stools, but the pediatric gastroenterologist at Children's Hospital said that the mucus is okay. He was able to give us a bunch of samples and our pediatrician was able to get the Neocate covered by our insurance. We just pay the 20% co-insurance and it gets delivered to the house through Apria.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions. As I said, we went through a similar situation with our older daughter. She has allergies to cow's milk protein and egg that are easily accomodated with changes in our diets. She is a very happy and healthy kid.

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