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Multiple Allergy Baby Does Not Seem to Tolerate Neocate

M.H. asks from Tampa

Hello there, my 7 month old daughter is still breastfeeding and eating some solids. She has multiple food allergies/intolerances and my diet has been seriously restr...


Infant Reflux

S.R. asks from Cleveland

does anyone know about infant reflux?people keep telling my daughter(2 months today!)who i am breastfeeding has infant reflux. she gets fussy about 15-20mins after nu...


Infant Reflux

S.W. asks from Austin

My four month old son spits up all the time, i've taken him to the dr's office, even specialist can't tell me nothing.......arggggg.....someone please tell me whatels...


Infant with Reflux

C.S. asks from Wichita Falls

I have a almost 5 month old baby boy with reflux. He was born 13 weeks early. The doctor has him on previcid and it has not seemed to work. We have him on the Similic...


Diarrhea in Breastfed Infant

A.W. asks from Chicago

When my son was 2 weeks old, he began having diarrhea. It went on for a week before my pediatrician finally sent us to a GI specialist who felt it was a protein alle...


Infant with Reflux Hates Thickened Formula

J.B. asks from Sioux City

My son is 2 months old. Because of food allergies he could not have breast milk. He is on Neocate that needs to be thickened with rice cereal, and he absolutely hates...


Non-dairy, Non-soy Food for an Infant Whose Mom Won't Breastfeed?

D.D. asks from Seattle

Hey there, ladies - My cousin's wife refuses to breastfeed the baby and we have all tried desperately to get her to do so, but that is going nowhere and the baby ...


6 Week Old Infant. Reflux with Possible Milk Protein Intollerance, on Alimentum

J.G. asks from Provo

At 3 weeks old my daughter started showing signs of reflux. She would arch her back at feeding, cry, want more and more formula to sooth the pain and would spit up an...


Baby Crying

E.G. asks from Chicago

Hello, I have a 6 week old baby boy and for the past few days hes been crying non stop!! I dont know whats wrong with him I feel bad. I try everything. He only wants ...


I Have a 4 Month Old Baby with Eczema

S.A. asks from Chicago

My 4 month old baby has eczema. No matter what I use, it doesn't seem to take it away. It always comes back and when it flares up it is really bad. He will scratch h...