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Baby with Dairy Intolerance/allergy

D.N. asks from Chicago

Hello, My name is D. and I am new to this group but I like the idea of talking to other Moms and sharing knowledge/advice with them. I think I've learned more fro...


Anyone Feeding Her Baby with Formula Wirhout Corn Syrup?

Z.H. asks from Miami

My baby is on Neocate formula because his gastro says he allergic to cows protein, he has a severe eczema and wheezing, he said it should go away in about 2 weeks, bu...


I Need Help with My Colic Baby

L.P. asks from Chicago

i'm a new mom and i need some advice... i have an 8 week old baby who is very fussy at times and some of the time a perfect angel(when she is sleeping). she only sle...


How to deal with infant food intolerance?

J.L. asks from Daytona Beach

Need Help!! I started Teagan on baby food 4 days ago. I first gave her applesause and then gave her sweet potatoe. She has had a pretty adverse reaction I thin...


Infant Acid Reflux

M.S. asks from Chicago

Hello ladies, My daughter is almost 2 months old, and has been diagnosed with milk/soy allergy, acid reflux and colic. She is on Neocate (prescription) formula and A...


Colicy Baby

J.E. asks from Salt Lake City

My nephew is about 3 months and he is constantly crying. The Doc says it's colic. We have tried everything out there on the market to help him to no avail. Does an...


Colic Baby

A.H. asks from Oklahoma City

I could need some help. I have a 4 week old son and he is crying 24/7. I'm so excausted. To the beginn i was breastfeeding him, but then my milk went away. I only got...


Gassy Baby :(

T.S. asks from Dallas

My 7 week old is very gassy. We just picked up Colic Ease and while that has helped he still just is so so gassy. We are currently taking the Isomil (for gassy and fu...


Difference in Two Specific Formulas for Newborn with Allergy

T.B. asks from Miami

My newborn has a cows milk/milk protien allergy and must feed her either Elecare formula or Neocate. Has anyone used either one? Is one better than the other?


Switching Formula....a Strange rash...and Baby Dandruff???

A.M. asks from Dallas

I have 2 questions. The first pertains to switching formula. I previously asked about brands and types of formulas to add into my 5 mo old's breastfed diet. I was giv...