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Seeking Ideas for My 8Yr Old Daughter

L.A. asks from Chicago

My 8yr old daughter is enjoying science in school. This is a good thing as she struggles in math, so this may actually help her in the long run. My question is tha...


Good Book for Mom

Y.M. asks from Richmond

Im a big reader, and I am looking for some new books to read. I love fiction - hate romance novels, I like some mystery types also. I love to find new authors that ha...


First Ob/gyn Appt...

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Well, I had my first ob appt. :) Everything went pretty well. They did an internal ultrasound, so we got to see the baby (aka our little blob with a heartbeat - ...



A.S. asks from Chicago

Has anyone had a hysterectomy? What did you have to do to prepare for surgery? How was the hospital stay? What about the recovery process? Any info that you are w...


Book You Can't Put Down?

A.M. asks from Dallas

Can any moms recommend a book they've read that is SO engrossing that they can't put down? I have not read anything good lately!!! Some books I REALLY enjoyed: Emma a...


Boyfriend Wanted Me to Get Abortion

T.K. asks from Norfolk

My boyfriend of the past 3 yrs wanted me to get an abortion. We lived together and when he wouldn’t change his mind about it I kicked him out. He became the monster...



J.S. asks from Seattle

My doctor says that I have fibroids. He recommends two types of treatment (other types will not work because of the size, placement, and time left until menopause.) S...


Meals for Daycare

P.W. asks from Washington DC

My son turns 1 years old in July and I'm gearing up to ween him from formula to milk over the next 2 months. He is a good eater, so feeding him at home is fairly eas...


Teaching Toddler His Facial Features

L.H. asks from Knoxville

I want to start teaching my son where to find his eyes, nose, mouth, etc... Other than pointing and repeating the facial feature - what are other ways of teaching him...


Hysterectomy?? Other Options

P.S. asks from Grand Forks

I am waiting for a gyno specialist appointment to discuss options because of excessive heavy periods. I have a variety of health issues and am very senisitive to meds...