Infant: Da Vinci

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Mirena IUD in Lieu of Hysterectomy

K.B. asks from Denver

Ladies, I need your help. I have a long long history of female medical problems and I am only 34. I suffer from chronic migraines to boot. In short I have had many la...



K.A. asks from Tampa

I am 34 and am planning on removing my uterus as reccommeded by two OBGYN. I have a very large uterine fibroid. I am fearful of the after effects and any scar from t...


Suggestions for Great Reading

A. asks from Dallas

Please recommend (a) books you have read, old and/or new, that I must pick up.


Son Almost 3 and Cant Really Talk

G.V. asks from Minneapolis

my son is about to be three years old and he still talks in baby words he says milk and cup,mommy,dad,auntie,grandma,nana.pazza,shoe,at his daycare they feel like the...


Meals for an 8 Month Old

L.J. asks from Washington DC

I am SO confused! I make all my son's food and freeze it, and so far things have worked out really well. He loves food and is a pretty good eater. However, he has n...


Help Finding Books to Read.

K.D. asks from Chicago

I am a stay at home mom that is trying to start reading more books now. I usually read at night and im wanting to know if there are other moms out there that read alo...


Summer Reading Recommendations

L.M. asks from Philadelphia

Hello Everyone, We are going on vacation soon and I am looking for a few good novels to read during my daughter's nap time. Does anyone have any suggestions? Fict...


4 Weeks of Diarrhea

A.T. asks from Dallas

My 13.5 month old has had chronic diarrhea for the last 3.5 weeks and it's still going strong. I've taken him to the Pedi after 3 weeks of it in which we are awaitin...


Looking for a Few 'Grab-my-attention' Books.....

J.C. asks from New York

Hi Moms, We are leaving for a week-long vacation next week (can't wait!) and I'm looking for two or three really, really good books. You know, the ones that grab y...


Only Child

M.M. asks from Washington DC

My three year old son is always talking about his friends, having friends over, how he wishes he had a brother or sister (or cat)... I worry about him being an only c...