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Renting Elmo

M.C. asks from Tampa

I am trying to arrange a visit from Elmo for my son's second birthday. Has anyone tried "A Cast of Characters" or "The Character Stop" for an Elmo? Could you share y...


Elmo Addict???

J.C. asks from Hartford

Is anyone elses child an Elmo nut?? It has come to the point where i am very concerned about my 13 month old. He refuses to do anything unless he sees Elmo. The worst...


Elmo Potty

C.M. asks from New York

So I'm shopping around for a potty for my son. I'm interested in the Elmo Potty. It speaks 10 words in spanish and turns into a step stool, along with a few other exc...


Elmo Clothing for Boys

M.2. asks from Chicago

I'm in search of an Elmo outfit for my godson! He loves Elmo and I've already bought him two Elmo toys and would like to complete his Christmas gift(s) with an Elmo ...


Elmo for Birthday Party

C.A. asks from Dallas

does anyone have tips on finding an elmo costume to rent for a baby party, or how to hire an person to dress and act as elmo? thanks, C.


Elmo Obsessed Baby!

K.C. asks from Detroit

My 17 month old is absolutely obsessed with Elmo and wakes up in the morning calling HIS name and not mine! ; ) We currently have Elmo in Grouchland which she loves...


Winnie the Pooh or Elmo???

T.O. asks from San Francisco

Its my babys first year next month, i always said when i had a baby his 1st bday will be POOH BEAR I love pooh bear.. even on my babyshower i received a bunch of poo...


Elmo Birthday Party

A.F. asks from San Francisco

I am considering having an Elmo birthday party when my daughter turns 2. I have done some searching online and I saw some cute ideas, however I have found that you gu...


Momma, Did Elmo Call?

A.P. asks from Orlando

Yes, my hubby found an app that will have Elmo call your child. It's super cute! You can set it up to call and talk to your child about different topics. You can set ...


Elmo & Going Bonkers??

N. asks from Dallas

Hi, moms! We are considering having our son's 2nd birthday at "Going Bonkers" in Lewisville. I know they are newly opened (went on Sat and had a blast!!) but does...