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Updated on December 21, 2009
M.C. asks from Saint Petersburg, FL
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I am trying to arrange a visit from Elmo for my son's second birthday. Has anyone tried "A Cast of Characters" or "The Character Stop" for an Elmo? Could you share your recommendations? I live in the Seminole/Largo area.

***Update - Any recommendations on a good costume shop that rents out a great copy of the Elmo costume for an adult would be appreciated as well. Daddy can play Elmo for thirty minutes or so if we must. To the previous poster, I know my son will not be afraid to see Elmo..but it is a good point about who may be playing the character and not wanting that type of person in my home. Thanks!

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answers from Orlando on

Hello, what are do you live in? This company is in Tampa. If you want to look at another party company, look at Butterfly Dreams Theme parties for Kids and they are great, they are in the Orlando area but do travel.
there phone no ###-###-#### or there website is
They do all types of really nice parties, like pirate etc. and Customer service is the best. You will see really good comments on mamasource.
good luck

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answers from Boca Raton on

Try Pinky's Parties!! They have everything for parties. They are really nice and professional. ###-###-####
also some good companies are fingerprinted and registered with the sheriffs department, parks department and school board. Ask anyone for these credentials, I know Pinky's only has registered entertainers.

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answers from Tampa on

I do not have a company (actually clicked because I wanted your recommendationsfor my sons 3rd Bday- :) My son is 2 1/2 & LOVES Elmo (& has seen) Minnie Mouse, Wubbzy, Santa, Clifford & the Easter Bunny... characters are all part of a toddlers life- you aren't going to be leaving the character alone with the kids (& all/most parents stay as well when it's a party for 2 year olds) so I would ask about their fingerprinting- but know that it would have to be a DUMB pedophile to try anything w/ 10+ parents standing right there! Safe is smart... paranoid needs balance.


answers from Ocala on


If I was two years old and If I saw Elmo at Disney World I would be fine, because that is where he is suppost to be. But if he was at my home or at my birthday party I think it would scare me ( as a two year old ).

As a parent my main thought would be how do I know that this person is not a sex offender?

If it was me, I would not do it.

I would get family together and do games and have decorations and lots of food and plently of presents. I would take video and lots of pictures.

= )

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