Cleaning Talking Dolls, Angel and Elmo Need Help!

Updated on February 20, 2010
J.W. asks from Tomball, TX
6 answers

This morning we found that my grand daughter had taken off her diaper sometime during the night. When we found her she was happily playing with her poo and urine ws every where. Well we cleaned her up with a bath but we don;t know what to do about the dolls that were in her bed. Both the angel doll and Elmo talk. They were covered with poo and urine. My daughter tried to take out their voice boxes but they were attached to the speakers that seem to be perminately attached. What can we do?

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answers from Beaumont on

Throw them out & explain why you had to. They'll never be clean enough again!



answers from Indianapolis on

I'd contact the manufacturer of the toys to see what they recommend. There are probably cleaning instructions on the tag of the toys. If not, you should easily be able to find the toys with a simple google search and contact the Customer Service departments (or even find cleaning instructions online).



answers from Austin on

If you can't remove the electrical components to wash them in the washing machine, they might have to be thrown out. :( That would be the best way to clean them....just to be safe!



answers from Houston on

I'm sure if you just spot wash it...even if the "spot" is the entire thing. Just wet it with a damp cloth and use either carpet cleaner like Resolve or even liquid soap you use on your clothes. It just takes several times to rinse all of the soap off. It's time consuming, but possible.



answers from Las Vegas on

Hi J.,

It seems you have received good advice from your other responses for your current situation, so I don't have much I can add to that.

For future reference, I'll share with you what we do in the hopes it might be helpful to you. My son is allowed to keep in his bed all of the animals that can be thrown in the wash. This really helps in cases when children are sick and vomit in bed before getting to the bathroom or when they have accidents. There are several brands (build-a-bear, ty, etc.) that make very soft, huggable bedtime animals that will withstand lots of washings over many years that can become her new bedtime buddies.

If your granddaughter has favorite dolls and animals that can't be thrown in the machine, allow her to make a special bed for them and position them around the outside of her crib or bed so that they're nearby.

I don't know how old she is, but I started telling my son from an early age that only certain animals go in the bed with him. As he got older and more able to understand, I would explain to him that the animals that can be washed are the ones he can keep in bed. Now that he's 5, he understands, and we just had an episode a couple of nights ago where he got sick and vomited on one of his favorite animals. As I was changing out the sheets, he was relieved he still had his other animals, who happend to be spared, and that his bear would be as good as new once it was washed.

Hope this helps. Best wishes to you and your family.

J. F.



answers from Honolulu on

Maybe just buy another one? To replace it?
Is she that attached to it?
If not, then maybe it won't bother her that you have to toss it.

I wonder, if you call the manufacturer & tell them what happened, that they would "replace" it for you? Never know!

Or give her a replacement toy, for her bed.

All the best,

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