Costco & Kirkland Diapers

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Has Anyone Tried Costco, Kirkland, Diapers?

H.L. asks from Detroit

Hi I am just wondering if any moms have tried the Costco, kirkland brand diapers? I just want to know if they measure up to the name brands. I like a lot of the Cos...


Seeking Advice About Costco Brand, Kirkland's Diapers

B.S. asks from Washington DC

Hello fellow Super-mommies, I was wondering if anyone has tried the Costco brand diapers, think they are called Kirkland's. Are they comparable to the other diaper...


Costco's Kirkland Brand Diapers

S.D. asks from Atlanta

Hi, I am thinking of trying Costco's Kirkland brand disposable diapers but I don't want to buy them as it is such a huge package of them if they are terrible. Has an...


Are There Any Decent Store Brand Diapers or Pull Ups?

M.B. asks from Sacramento

I'm just curious to find out if there are any decent store brand diapers as well as training pants (pull ups)? So far i've tried Target brand diapers once and didn't ...


Kirkland Signature Diapers?

M.C. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas! Has anyone used the Kirkland Signature diapers from Costco? If so, what do you think as far as comfort and leak protection? We currently use Pampers/Huggies...


Leaky Diaper

J.P. asks from Cincinnati

I have been using Pampers Swaddlers with my daughter for the past 6 months, all of a sudden she has started to leak through them during the night. She sleeps a 12 ho...


No Leak Diapers

J.P. asks from Dallas

This past week I have gone in to get our seven month old when she wakes up in the morning and she is soaked. Of course, I have to change the bedding but who knows ho...


Which Diaper Brand Is the Best One?

T.T. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, I am currently using diapers from Pampers and I am totally unsatisfied. My daughter is using the correct size but everytime she poos I have to change her diap...


Diaper Brands

S.R. asks from Phoenix

I am wondering if anyone uses the Sams Club brand diapers. If so, what do you like/ don't like about them. I think they are Members Mark brand.

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