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EPT Or Clear Blue Digital?

R.L. asks from Roanoke

Ok, ladies. I know many of you don't like "am I pregnant" questions, but I need your opinion about tests. We have been TTC for a few months, and today I took a Firs...


Faint Positive on EPT Test

K.H. asks from Elmira

My husband and I have been try for another baby since January. Had my period on New Years Eve, then I believe I got it again the first weekend in February. My husband...


What Does Dots on an Ept Test Mean? HELP

K.H. asks from Norfolk

ok, so i have a question. My last period was april 16th and today is may 25th, so i took an EPT this morning with my boyfriend and it said negative but there was lik...


If You Have Ever Taken an Ept Test Apart?

C.R. asks from Los Angeles

I know your not supposed to take them apart but i have before and just a random question have you ever noticed 3 lines but it says negative? Or was it 3 lines and app...


Faint Line on Ept Test?

E.S. asks from Los Angeles

I had sex more than 3 weeks ago and I am due for my period in a couple of days. My boyfriend did not finish inside me and I am feeling absolutely no symptoms of pregn...


Started Period Five Days Late, Ept Test Negative, Now Very Heavy Bleeding

T.S. asks from Denver

I am like clock work for my period. This month it came five days late. I took an ept test and it came out negative. Then I started spotting and the next morning it be...


On BC and Completely Missed Period, EPT Came Back negative..but Still Wondering

M.G. asks from Dallas

I recently missed a period..completely. My husband and I are on ther verge of TTC but we are still currently "on the pill". I took a preg. test and it came back neg...


Pregnant AGAIN

C.B. asks from Washington DC

i just took a pregnancy test ept digital test and i am not on any medication, and i feel very much pregnant which is why i took the test. i was wondering if anybody r...


1 POSITIVE And 2 Negative??

K.S. asks from Portland

Hello all!! Saturday i took an EPT preg test at 14 DPO and received a faint but very there POSITIVE. Yesterday and today i took 2 more EPTS and got negatives. i ca...


Could I Be Pregnant?

K.S. asks from Athens

Hi, I am currently weaning my twelve month old son, and yesterday I got what I thought was my first period since I was pregnant. However, I had no cramps or pain lik...