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Looking for a Diaper Bag That Will Last

A.P. asks from San Francisco

I am on my second diaper bag and my son is only 9 months old. We purchased a JJ Cole messenger bag style and it started falling apart a few months in so we traded it ...


Diaper Bags

T.C. asks from Provo

Where are some great places to buy affordable but nice diaper bags? I'm having trouble finding something I like. Thanks!


Napping in Toddler Booster Seat

A.P. asks from Dothan

My son and I took our first long car trip this week since moving him from a regular car seat into a booster seat (which just uses the seat belt as his restraint). Fo...


Potty Seat While Travelling

S.G. asks from San Francisco

Hello Moms, Now this may seem like a stupid question. But, I'm curious to find out how do you manage your child's potty habits while travelling? My son has speech ...


Looking to Upgrade Diaper Bag to Accommodate Newborn and Three Year Old

J.W. asks from Chicago

Hi ladies! I am due with my second child in about four weeks and I feel like I've outgrown my old diaper bags. I've been using any shoulder bag to carry entertainment...


Searching for Bigfoot. Does a NON UGLY Diaperbag Exist?!

C.J. asks from Dallas

WANTED: Diaper bag. Nothing fancy. Standard shape and size. Compartments for bodily fluid filled messes to be contained as well as pockets for keys, phone, and o...


Stylish and Functional Diaper Bag???

M.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Does one exist? Baby will be here in a few weeks and I am still unprepared. Going through my list of things I'll need and this is one of them. Don't want the typical ...


Potty Training - Do Those Foldup Portable Pottys Really Fit Public Toilets?

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

We are going to start potty training soon and have seen 2 types of portable foldup potty seat that goes on top of the seat from onestepahead.com. Some reviews say th...


Potty Training in Public

M.L. asks from Tucson

My daughter is almost 3 years old and is doing really well with potty training. At least, she is at home. She is absolutely terrified of public toilets. I can kind of...