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Crib Recall Frustration

A.W. asks from Detroit

Anybody else out there dealing with the Jardine crib recall situation (apparantly there are 320,000 of us dealing with it!)? What have you been told? I am getting e...


Glowing Crib Reviews?

C.S. asks from Dallas

Hi, I am having a hard time deciding on a crib. I am looking for a good review on a crib priced under $400.00. I like the Jardine Berkly and the Jardine Olympia ...


Advice Needed About Cribs - Non Convertible

P.L. asks from New York

Hi - My crib was recalled recently. It is taking a long time to get the voucher to get a new one and so my 6 month old is back in the co-sleeper. Do you have a crib...


Crib Rail for Convertible Crib

L.H. asks from Detroit

I have a Jardine convertible crib we purchased from Babies R Us over 2 years ago and we just recently converted it into a toddler bed. Does anyone have a crib rail f...


Best Convertible Crib Recommendations

S.B. asks from Columbus

I am looking to buy a new crib. I want a convertible one so I can use it when the baby gets older. I also know that I do not want one that has adjustable rails. My...


Recalled Crib Nightmare

A.G. asks from Boca Raton

When my son was already 2 we found out that his crib was part of the Jardine crib recall. The slats could potentially break but his crib was solid and sound and we c...


How Do I Clean Glider Cushions?

K.K. asks from Chicago

I bought a used glider I found on craig's list and would like to clean the cushions. Unfortunately it is turning out to be slightly more difficult than I thought it ...


Help with 4 Month Old Sleeping

K.C. asks from Boston

I'm having trouble getting my 4 month old son to sleep thought the night. I have been trying for a month now with no luck. My son and daughter are going to share a ro...


Question Regarding Crib Recall

S.A. asks from Milwaukee

Hi Moms, I just have a quick question. The model crib that we bought for our daughter has just been recalled within the past few days. I sent my info via the internet...


Short Stature and Non-drop-side cribs--Need Advice!

S.R. asks from San Francisco

I was just about to get a new crib for my six-month-old son. He's been in a bassinet so far, but is rapidly outgrowing it. With my older son we've LOVED our drop-si...