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Help! Need Hello Kitty & Elmo Cake! ;(

Greetings Moms, My favorite cake lady has retired from making cakes and I need a Round Two layer Hello Kitty Cake & also a small Elmo cake for my 2 & 5 year old b-day party. Party is Saturday September 12, 2009. We always celebrate together as the b-days are so close! Please send me e message ASAP! Thanks so much! Many Blessings :)


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Daughters 2Nd B-day

Hi Moms, I'm starting to think about where & what to do for my daughters 2nd b-day. Here b-day is in August, so I know the weather will be very hot. I don't want to do Chucky Cheese. Any recommendations???


Wiggles B-day Party

I'm a mom of a soon to be 2 year old who is OBSESSED with the Wiggles!!! For...


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Need Advice for 1St-birthday Gifts

Hi, moms! My little girl is going to be 1 in April (Already! I can't believe how quickly this first year has gone by!). I need some advice on what we should give to her. I don't want a bunch of "junk" that she won't be interested in. Has anyone received/bought anything that turned out to be really good for a one-year old? Any ideas on non-traditional gifts would be great as well. She needs more than toys. Maybe something she could really appreciate for her future. Thanks!


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Elmo Obsessed Baby!

My 17 month old is absolutely obsessed with Elmo and wakes up in the morning calling HIS name and not mine! ; ) We currently have Elmo in Grouchland which she loves to watch daily, multiple times if I let her (I am sure many of you can relate!)...are there any other movies with Elmo out there other than the Elmo's World series? Thanks for the help, my sanity depends on it!