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Burt's Bees Baby...

A.D. asks from Visalia

Does anyone use Burt's Bees baby products on their children? How do you like them and where do you get the deal on them? Does anyone use it on children with skin pr...


Chapped Lips

M.R. asks from Chicago

Anyone have any advice for chapped lips? I seem to have them constantly! If you looked at them, you'd never know as they are not red or flaky, but I feel like I am ...


Facial Cleanser for Preschooler

K.M. asks from New York

Hey moms, what do you use to clean your child's face? Do you use the same for their body? I still use the baby wash (either Johnson's or Burt's Bees usually). My s...


Natural Insect Repellent Suggestions

B.P. asks from Washington DC

Just wondering if anyone has had luck with any natural (non-chemical) insect repellents. I'd like to not spray my children with chemicals, but if I don't we get eate...


Natural Baby Wash?

A.G. asks from Minneapolis

Hi! I have been using only natural baby products for our son (Burt's Bees), but they do not make a lavender baby wash. I like the idea of using something aroma based ...


Looking for Organic Lotion/soap for Baby

F.U. asks from Chicago

I have a preemie in the NICU who is now big enough to get baths! The hospital uses Johnson and Johnson. I am pretty big on organic/all natural products. The nurse tol...



Z.L. asks from Denver

Hello! Our 13 month old daughter seems to have eczema. It's on the back of her neck, hands and behind one of her knees. I have been putting vaseline and burt's bee...


Looking for Pthalate Free Baby Wash and Lotions!

T.H. asks from Los Angeles

There are a lot of products out there that are "natural" or "organic." Many of these products don't say if they are pthalate free or not. I want some products that de...


Very Dry Skin on 13 Mos Old - Need Advice

B.K. asks from New York

My 13 mos old son has suddenly got dry patches of skin over his body - they are red and dry but don't appear to bother him - they've been on his arms and legs and I j...


Blemish Sticks or Other Advice

H.A. asks from Waterloo

Have any of you moms ever tried the Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick? Does it work? I have normal type skin and have been using Clinique soap for yrs, but now all of ...