Money: Elmo

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Career or Baby

I'm 25 years old and getting ready to finish college. My husband is several...

Financial Responsibility

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Elmo for Birthday Party

does anyone have tips on finding an elmo costume to rent for a baby party, or how to hire an person to dress and act as elmo? thanks, C.


Kids & Money

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Laptop for Kids?

My husband and I were talking about Christmas last night and he said he...

Recurring Expenses

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Health Insurance and the Right to Have Kids

ok so I found I was pregnant with my second child a couple days ago. Things are tight finacially but we will be able to provide for this child once its born, I have no doubt about that. However I dont have health insurance. I know the delivery alone will cost $7,000 because that is what it cost for my son, and there is no way we can afford such a large bill. plus alot of place will not do prenatal care with out health insurance (though ER are required to assist in delivery) so I would be going on pregnancy related medicade for the duration...