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Mei Tai Baby/toddler Carrier

A.C. asks from Chicago

hello! I was wondering if any of you have a Mei Tai carrier? I love my babybjorn, but travel ALOT over the summer and feel like this is more compact, plus I like th...


Mei Tai Baby Carrier

M.W. asks from Dallas

I saw this mentioned as an answer to another question and didn't want to hijack the thread with my question. :) I have a 26 pound nearly-two year old who refuses t...


Ergo Carrier or Babyhawk Mei Tai for Newborns?

L.L. asks from Boston

Just wondering if other moms out there had opinions on which baby carrier they liked best and would work for a newborn? We're expecting baby no. 2 next month and our ...


What Baby Carrier Do You Prefer?

L.L. asks from Portland

I am trying to find the right baby carrier for my 6 month old baby girl. My friend has both the ergo and the freehand mei tai. I tried the mei tai and loved it but ...


Baby Carrier Help

R.K. asks from Chicago

I am interested in babywearing this time around. I have been researching my options but would like to know what other Mom's like and dislike about their carriers. ...


Babywearing Advice? Looking for Comfortable Carrier...

M.W. asks from Philadelphia

I am carrying my 3-month old daughter in a Baby Bjorn right now, but it's starting to get painful for me. Any advice on comfortable baby carriers to wear? I nee...


Baby Wrap/slings...

N.P. asks from Seattle

Getting a little overwhelmed with all the wraps and slings they have these days. So i wanted to get some feedback on what people have liked! Right now I'm considering...


How Do I Nicely Tell People They Cannot Hold My Baby?

L.H. asks from Miami

I feel that babies are little people and it seems weird to me that everyone thinks it is okay to pass around a baby from lap to lap. My baby does not enjoy it and us...


Baby Wearing

K.C. asks from Orlando

Hello Mamas! I am due in 8 weeks with #2 and I know that to survive life with my 2 year old and a new baby I will be doing a lot of baby wearing. With my older daugh...


5 Month Old Fighting Sleep

A.S. asks from New York

I have a 5 month old little girl, my first. She is such a joy and is so happy until... she gets tired! I call her the Ultimate Sleep Fighting Champion. For awhile w...