Taking a 2 Year Old to an Elmo Show?

Updated on February 12, 2011
R.D. asks from Haysville, KS
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Hey moms! I just found out that Elmo's Healthy Heros will be in our town a week after my daughter turns two. She is the biggest Elmo fan....has always liked Elmo, but is just now starting to sit down and watch Elmo's World. She is 22 months now...we are thinking of taking her to this show, but I have no idea if she will sit and care, or not. What has been your experience with a very young two year old at things like this? Should we try, or is it not worth it? Thanks in advance!

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answers from St. Louis on

I took my sons to see the show around the same age and had the same worry but they had a great time and they aren't supposed to sit down anyway. It is very interactive and all the kids get up and dance,

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answers from Honolulu on

We took our Daughter to a Sesame Street show, when she was that age.
Although she was excited, it was WAY too loud for her, and we had to leave. She also did not just sit. But again, all the kids are sort of interactive about it.... standing, clapping etc.

Even a year later, she told us that that show was TOO loud. She totally remembered and she did not want to see other 'shows'... still.

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answers from Portland on

I think it really depends on your child, and I also think that a show like this will have some space for your little one to walk around (the place will likely be packed with kids). One thing to consider-- if you are very close to the stage, the sheer enormity of the characters and Elmo suddenly being 'real' could be a big scary surprise. One daycare I worked at was annually visited by the mascot of a supermarket. My group (20-30 months) literally fell apart, because they were just overwhemed with the 'realness' of this strange creature ( a friendly bear). A bit like the Santa Claus effect (cool, lovable character from afar, big scary stranger up close.). All that to say, have fun and if she seems upset, be prepared to go out for a little bit and try later on.

And to be very precise, a child this age is not going to *know how to behave* at this event, and will likely need to move around. If you are okay with this-- awesome. If it bothers you, then do it later when she's older.

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answers from Las Vegas on

It really depends on the child and the day. I wouldn't do it if it is going to blow the budget, otherwise give it a shot. Make sure she naps and eats before the show so she can enjoy it as best possible without other interferences. If I remember correctly out first show went well.

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answers from Lawrence on

We took our daughter when she was that age. It was awesome and she had a blast! We tried to sit relatively close b/c I wanted her to have a really good view and not blocked by someone's head. They really encourage the kids to get up, dance, sing, and clap so you don't have to worry about trying to get her to remain quiet (like in a movie theatre). I think it's great if you can expose your children to different types of situations and atmospheres. However, try not to be stressed or upset if it doesn't work out the way you have it planned in your head and you have to leave early....you'll just learn what to do differently next time. The hardest part for us was keeping her occupied during intermission and she didn't understand that they would be coming back. :) So, I say GO FOR IT and have a great time!



answers from San Francisco on

We took our 2 year old and he loved it! It was so much fun for all of us because he had such a great time. I say GO FOR IT!



answers from New York on

It mostly depends on the child. My 25 month old daughter I would try--she will watch her favorite tv show and pay attention. My son is almost 5 and I still haven't taken him to a movie in a theater--he went with his school to a show and a movie and did fine at 4. I Sesame Street show should be expecting pretty young children in the audience.


answers from Kansas City on

we took two 2 year olds to backyardigans live, they loved it. i have heard some horror stories though, i am sure it would depend on the child.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I say go for it!
It's a kid's show after all, so it's not like anyone is going to be offended or upset if she makes noise, LOL!
My hubby and I just took our 14-month-old to the Sesame Street Live show and he didn't take his eyes off the stage the whole show!

Is the show at like an arena or a smaller venue? Either way, if she started to get fussy you could always just take her out to the concession area for a little while so she can get some energy out and then go back in once she calmed down.




answers from Chicago on

we took my daughter to an elmo show last year when she was two and she absolutely LOVED it! we were close to stage so she could see really good and was waving at all the characters and saying "there's elmo", "there's abby", "theres cookie monster", etc..... lol she was dancing in her seat and actually sat through the whole thing. its lots of music and singing so it kept her interest. she'll be 3 in may and we just took her to see toy story 3 on ice and she loved that too! if you can find good deals, give it a try. she just might have the best time! :)


answers from Kansas City on

I took my oldest when she was almost 2 and she had a blast. We went with a friend and they had fun together. Then we went the next year with my oldest and youngest who was almost 2 and they both had a blast. They don't need to sit still to watch. They don't mind the kiddos dancing around in the ailsle or in their seats. The third time we went we went with my mom and dad and both girls and they were 4 and 5. We had front row seats and the girls got to run up to the stage every now and then. My dad got picked to go up on stage and he even had a blast. My girls thought it was the best cuz Paw Paw was a star and people wanted his picture. So no matter how old your child is...the Sesame Street Shows are the absolute best. They had more fun at those shows than the circus. So buy some tickets, get a friend to go or grandparents and have fun!



answers from Grand Forks on

my son's a little over and LOVES elmo, too, but personally i wouldn't take my little bear to go to a show like that b/c i know i'd be so excited, etc., to be taking him, and he'd probably get sleepy, cranky, who knows what else, and then it'd end up being more trouble than it was worth. kind of a negative attitude, but that's just been my experience (circus, state fair, etc). Lots of mommas will be bringing babies your age and younger and they'll probably be fine, but i'll be waiting til my bear's 4 or 5 probly so he'll remember it and so it'll go smoothly for us both. :)
good luck in whatever you decide

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