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Updated on April 18, 2011
C.M. asks from New Rochelle, NY
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So I'm shopping around for a potty for my son. I'm interested in the Elmo Potty. It speaks 10 words in spanish and turns into a step stool, along with a few other exciting feature. I wanted to know do any of you moms have this for your kids? If so, is it as cool as it appears? Do your kids like it? Did it encourage them to use the potty? Thanks

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answers from Boston on

We only used it as a step stool. My youngest got one as a gift and at 18 months (a very small 16 lbs 18 months) he didn't fit on it right. It always pinched his thighs. We purchased a fisher price one looks like a frog and it is the best potty chair. No bells and whistles no noise and no shield to rake off and clean because of the seats shape :)

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answers from Buffalo on

I don't know about the Elmo potty, but will give some general advice that I found helpful. If you get a potty that is "fun" it will become a toy. Most people I know who bought fun potties wished they haddent. They were annoying and only made the child want to play w/it, not pee in it. Also, I think you might regret it later when you discover it isn't very functional and you have to replace it w/something else. We don't have a bathroom downstairs, so I bought a potty. A plain but functional one. If we had a bathroom downstairs, I wouldn't have bothered. I would have gotten the same thing we had upstairs. A flip n flush. It is a seat that attaches right to the toilet. It lifts up w/the lid when a grown up needs the potty. That and a step stool worked fantastic for us. Get books or special toys for potty time so they can concentrate on going, not playing! That's just my opinion, but it worked well for us! Good luck!

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answers from Detroit on

we had this. i liked that the seat was usable as a child seat on the toilet, since i tried to transition from the little potty asap! we did the "right to undies, and don't look back method" so she didn't really have a choice but to use the potty! i did like that it had other uses once we were done with it as a potty. we have not needed it as a step stool, but the red potty insert makes a great puke bucket!

side note: my nephews do not like to use small potty seats on the big toilet when they go #2, because it's hard for them to aim their butts and their "weiner" as they call them in at the same time. something to keep in mind with little boys...



answers from New York on

We bought this because when my daughter was first potty training she wanted to remove the inserts herself, and she couldn't do it with this potty. We are now in the final stages of potty training, and we've used it as:
- A potty (this is annoying because her leg activates Elmo's hand)
- A stepstool (this is good because she's small)
- A toilet seat insert (she originally said she liked it, but then rejected it for a more standard insert/no insert). Problem, it doesn't reach the very front of the seat, so it is a little odd.

She just requested this morning that both her Elmo seats be put back to Potty's and that the Baby Bjorn be moved downstars (yes, we went a little crazy with the potty seats/inserts).

The main reason I would NOT recommend it is the talking hand. It is really annoying, and it is distracting for your kid. Other than that it is a pretty good 3 in 1 option.

Oh, and she just asked me to switch it to Spanish, so they like the talking. But hear "your growing up, just like elmo" 15 times in quick succession, and you WILL want to throw it out the window.



answers from New York on

I have to agree with Jennifer. The potty should not be a toy or a gimmick. Potty time is not play time. Exciting features are expensive and not needed. Keep your child in cloth so they learn what it's like to be wet and take him to the potty regularly throughout the day when he's ready for training. Gimmick potties and pullups make for a long training process that just isn't necessary



answers from Seattle on

We have the Baby Bjorn potty - I love it. Easy to clean, the bowl shape "fits" my little boy the best. Pair it with Elmo's fabulous "Potty Time" DVD and you'll have all bases covered. :)



answers from Chicago on

I have the Elmo Potty for my 2.5 year old son. I got it for him around 15 months. Once he got used to sitting on it, he liked pressing the Elmo button in front. I haven't used the stepstool part. My son is like waaaaay tall. He is almost 4 feet, so he doesn't need help for height. I'm not sure, but I haven't heard it speak Spanish words. My son now is transitioning to the regular toilet because he is so tall for his age, and has a little hard time with not peeing out of the little potty.

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