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K.K. asks from Terre Haute

Have any of you tried NutriSystem? What did you like/dislike?



E.H. asks from Dallas

I had dinner with my in-laws last night and they are doing Nutrisystem and could not say enough good things about it. I'm interested but still skeptical and would li...


Question on Nutrisystem

R.M. asks from Dallas

A friend of mine is wanting to try Nutrisystem and she is wondering how the food tastes. Anyone had it before?


Has Anyone Ever Tried Nutrisystem?

A.C. asks from Dallas

I'm thinking about buy the nutrisystem program. Can anyone tell me about the food. Do they taste good.. Is this a good way to start a diet!


Nutrisystem Meal Plan

A.P. asks from Jacksonville

I want to try the Nutrisystem Program. Some people love and some hate it. Can anyone out there tell me about their success, the taste of the food, etc.


Has Anyone Ever Tried Nutrisystem?

D.P. asks from Minneapolis

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried Nutrisystem weight loss or if you know anyone who has. I have this absolutely wonderful diet that I lost weight on before I ...


Nutri-system Question

D.M. asks from Dallas

Hi, I am thinking about trying Nutri-system, and I was wondering if anyone on mamasource had ever tried it, and what were your reations and opinions about it? Good ch...


Jenny Craig Vs. Nutrisystem

P.H. asks from Dallas

HI Moms! I want to lose about 30 lbs and am considering Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem. Could you please let me know what your experience with either of them were? Also...


Jenny Craig Vs. NutriSystem

L.B. asks from Dallas

Hello Everyone! So my daughter is almost 2 years old and I am ready to start getting serious about losing some of the weight I've gained since having her. A little l...


Nutrisystem or Medifast?

M.S. asks from Salt Lake City

Okay ladies, I am sure there has been a million requests reguarding diet and weight loss but here it goes again. I am due to have my 4th baby in march and want to do ...