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A.H. asks from Springfield

My son is 3 and has a friend in his class who is 4. Apparently this child loves playing a game called Halo. I don't own a gaming system of any sort and I was wonder...


Halo 4

F.H. asks from Phoenix

My 9 yo son goes to Boys Club every day. Yesterday he called and wanted to have a sleep over with one of the boys there. I told him no, I don't know anything about ...


Opinions on Halo Video Game

K.B. asks from Los Angeles

Curious if anyone knows much about the video game Halo. My son is visiting my in-laws and his grandmother bought him Halo 4, is it appropriate for a 9 year old? I wou...


Looking for Halo Sleep Sack with Legs?

A.F. asks from Chicago

We loved our Halo Sleep Sack last winter, but now that my son is 1 I am looking for a sleep sack with legs and feet. Does anyone know if this exists? I have located...


Guilty Bad Mommy Moment---Other Halo Moms Out There?

K.I. asks from Los Angeles

Hi All, So I am here to give a confession. I allow my 2 young boys to play shooting games on the Xbox. They are 9 & 7 and they are surrounded by TONS of teenage...


Does the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle Blanket Work?

L.L. asks from Dallas

I have a 9 week old and I'm trying to find the best swaddling solution. We have gone back and forth swaddling her really tightly with a regular blanket (which she fi...


Halo Sleep Sack Vs. Blanket for 1 Year Old

G.M. asks from Chicago

My son who just turned a year has been sleeping in his 'Halo' Sleepsack and I'm wondering if he's old enough to go to sleep with a blanket instead. Does anyone have a...


Does Halo Sleep Sack Work for a 11 Month Old Active Sleeper?

T.K. asks from Atlanta

Now that is turning colder I needed to find something that will keep my ACTIVE 11 month old son warm at night. I have been layering his clothes but I don't think tha...


Halo SleepSack for Almost 9 Month Old

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

I need to get my DD a medium size SleepSack. Her room gets really cold and although she likes to cuddle with a blanket (and does very well with it) she is all over he...


Halo Snuza--Alert System When Baby Stops Breathing

V.T. asks from Dallas

Has anyone used the Halo Snuza. I saw a report on the show The Doctors yesterday about how it saved a baby's life when the baby stopped breathing, it alerted the par...