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Bum Genius Diapering

J.D. asks from Phoenix

Does anyone who diapers with Bum Genius live in Arizona? have very hard water? have an energy efficient machine? and have been using the diapers for 6 months with...


How Do I Make a Cloth Diaper That Doesn't Leak?

C.R. asks from Killeen

I'm trying to make cloth diapers and I need to know how to make the ones that don't leak. Does anyone know how to make them and if you do will you share? Please? No i...


Bumgenius VS. Kushies

N.M. asks from Austin

If this has already been covered, my apologies. I have read several complete threads regarding cloth diapering recommendations, but can't read all of the threads. I a...


Cloth Diapers Overnight Help

S.N. asks from Burlington

We are having trouble with our 11 week old daughter waking up wet in her cloth diapers. Right now we use 2 cloth diapers in a wool cover at night. She still wakes u...


Where to Start?

S.C. asks from Dallas

I want to start cloth diapering my son at night, but I'm not sure where to start. I'm overwhelmed by the choices - bamboo, fitted, waterproof, inserts .... it's li...


Tips on Cloth Diapers

A.M. asks from Dallas

My son is 8 months old and my husband and I are thinking about switching to cloth diapers. Does anyone have advice regarding brands, styles, and where to buy? Thanks!


Cloth Diapers?

Y.R. asks from Houston

Would you recommend cloth diapers? Which manufacture? Why?


Fuzzi Bunz

A.D. asks from Hartford

HI, I'm looking for help and advice from fuzzi bunz experts. My husband and I recently transitioned to one-size fuzzi bunz for our ten month old son. Our friend ...


Cloth Diapers

M.S. asks from Kansas City

So, I have not fully decided on diapers yet. What brand of cloth diapers is best? I like the bum genius that are the one size fits all, but I don't know if they are b...


Cloth Diapers: Any Recommendations or Warnings? I'm Thinking of Experimenting

S.F. asks from Benton Harbor

I am finally considering cloth diapers. We are hoping for 4 kids, so it seems like a decent investment. #1 is starting to have success on the potty, yet sporadically...