Momma, Did Elmo Call?

Updated on December 11, 2011
A.P. asks from Sanford, FL
3 answers

Yes, my hubby found an app that will have Elmo call your child. It's super cute! You can set it up to call and talk to your child about different topics. You can set a schedule and everything. We have it set around bedtime, from cleaning up to brushing his teeth yo going to bed. My 3 1/3 year old loves it! It does encourage him to get the tasks done quickly, so if you have a slow poke, it may help. My son never really had an issue with bedtime, but sometimes he would get bored with the routine and start "needing." Now, he is too concerned about getting he tasks done and waiting for the next call (not a real call, but the app makes it look like it). What other cool apps are your kids into?

Added: It's called "Elmo Calls." And "Monkey Preschool Lunchbox" is another good one.

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So What Happened?

Siri is hilarious! Thanks ladies!

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answers from Albany on

Well, my kids are teenagers, so they know more about apps than I do.

However, the've had a BLAST asking my new Iphone inappropriate questions, and rolling on the floor when they hear 'her' witty, dry responses!


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answers from El Paso on

My daughter loves evry kind of app that has todo with animals :)
Her fav is called laugh and learn numbers I think. It has animals and counting so she can count to three now lol and she's 22 months
I've never bought apps for her I just get the free ones an when she doesn't play them often I get new ones to keep my itouch fresh lol with different games, mostly educational ;)

@Theresa I kno wat you're talking about an I'm laughing so much right now.

Btw wats the name of the Elmo app so I can look it up :) thanx

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answers from Los Angeles on

I need to try it! I can sound like Elmo and have been doing it for over a guy thinks he's talking to Elmo or that he's around the corner and telling him to do something : )

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