Elmo Clothing for Boys

Updated on December 04, 2012
M.2. asks from Downers Grove, IL
4 answers

I'm in search of an Elmo outfit for my godson! He loves Elmo and I've already bought him two Elmo toys and would like to complete his Christmas gift(s) with an Elmo outfit but am not sure of any stores that sell Elmo clothes!

Does anyone know where I can go and buy an Elmo outfit for my godson?

Thank you =)

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answers from Washington DC on

We love Elmo here too ... I've found some cute stuff at Target and at Ross or Marshall's.

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answers from San Francisco on

When my kids were little Kmart carried Sesame Street clothes, bedding, etc. Not sure if they still do but it may be worth looking into!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Are his parents ok with this? Quite a few couples draw the line at character clothing and it would be a shame for you gift to go unused.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I think we got some Elmo shirts at Kohls. If it wasn't Kohls, it was JC Penney.

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