Jenny Craig

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Jenny Craig

C.S. asks from Milwaukee

If you have used Jenny Craig can you share your experience..and the cost. Especially of the food. Thanks!


Jenny Craig?

A.S. asks from Dallas

Has anyone tried Jenny Craig? What was you experience like? Were you successful? I am trying to lose the pregnancy weight and then some. I did Weight Watchers aft...


Jenny Craig

S.S. asks from Chicago

Would like to hear from some moms who have done jenny craig. how much does it "really" cost? is all food included or do I still need to buy more. do you go to meet...


Jenny Craig Success?

L.K. asks from San Francisco

Hi, just wondering if people have had success with the Jenny Craig program? I'm looking for a program that provides the food. If there is a better program out there, ...


Jenny Craig Vs. Nutrisystem

P.H. asks from Dallas

HI Moms! I want to lose about 30 lbs and am considering Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem. Could you please let me know what your experience with either of them were? Also...


Jenny Craig or Seattle Suttons

A.J. asks from Chicago

Hi, I am planning on losing weight through a dieting program after the baby is born and would like to know your experience with either Jenny Craig or Seattle Sutto...


Questions About Jenny Craig

C.H. asks from Tampa

Have any of you ever tried Jenny Craig to lose weight?? I have tried Weight Watchers (and lost weight), but I absolutely loathe cooking. My husband does almost all ...


Jenny Craig Vs. NutriSystem

L.B. asks from Dallas

Hello Everyone! So my daughter is almost 2 years old and I am ready to start getting serious about losing some of the weight I've gained since having her. A little l...


Anyone Have Any Experience with Jenny Craig Weight Loss???

T.F. asks from Dallas

Anyone have any experience with Jenny Craig weight loss??? I need to lose about 20 pounds (as well as tone up and get some muscle) and I'm just wondering if anyone h...


Jenny Craig??

A.N. asks from Dallas

I still have 15 LB's to lose. Daughter is 6 mos old. I am so ready for my previous size. I'm at the gym 4 days per week and making healthier choices, but no change...