Elmo for Birthday Party

Updated on January 22, 2007
C.A. asks from Dallas, TX
4 answers

does anyone have tips on finding an elmo costume to rent for a baby party, or how to hire an person to dress and act as elmo? thanks, C.

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answers from Dallas on

C., I found this info on another mom's site & saw some pictures too. The cake was fantastic looking! I've included portions of comments from the mom who threw the party:

Elmo entertainer: http://www.mrbarnaby.com (He was great & kept the kids entertained...highly recommended...very prepared & professional.)

Elmo cake: http://www.texasstarbakery.com/ (...awesome...The cakes are not only amazing to look at, but are incredibly yummy..)



answers from Dallas on

Have you tried a Party City store? They have great B-day items.

A great lady to help you with a possible person to dress up as Elmo is "Funny Business". Her web site is: www.dfwfunnybusiness.com ###-###-####. She performs at Primrose Schools (and other schools/churches) and is amazing!!! Very professional! If she can't do it, she'll be able to help you find someone who could.

Also, you could try Fairytale Entertainment, but I cannot recommend them b/c I've never used them. They have all kinds of costume characters. ###-###-#### and they're site is: www.fairytaleentertainment.net

The DALLAS CHILD magazine has a lot of great information that could help you. It's a free magazine that you can find around the metroplex.

Hope you find something!



answers from Dallas on

We just had Elmo, the entertainer, for my son's birthday party and he was a huge hit! Elmo did an unbelievable job!

His website is www.aaronsimaginaryfriends.com

Email me if you have additional questions.


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