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S.S. asks from Orlando

i have been using pampers swaddlers sensitive for my son since he was born and love them!! he is about to switch sizes and i was wondering if the regular swaddlers wo...


Pampers Scare!

A.M. asks from Grand Forks

Have you all heard about the Pampers scare?? Well i have just had the same issue everyone else is talking about! Open burn like sores. Well pampers has been giving...


Changes to Pampers

K.M. asks from Dallas

As anyone noticed that the Pampers Baby Dry pampers have changed. I hate the new stretchy diapers that the baby dry has changed to. The old style was the only diaper...


Pampers Help

D.K. asks from Chicago

Help! Pampers Cruisers used to have a "mesh" liner that kept my little one's very sensitive skin away from the wetness of the diaper - swaddlers have it too, but sud...


Beyond Pampers

E.C. asks from Philadelphia

I have a 2 and a half year old. He constantly takes off all his clothes diaper included. I think part of the problem is that the diapers no longer fit him. He is a hu...


What's the Difference Between Pampers Baby Dry and Pampers Crusiers?

N.M. asks from Chicago

Other than the Pampers Baby Dry diapers are cheaper per diaper. What's the difference? Just would like to know if anyone prefers one type over another. I need to g...


Looking for Advice on Pampers Coupons

N.L. asks from Minneapolis

Where is the best place for me to find coupons for Pampers? I can find Huggies coupons everywhere, but I just don't like those. Where is everyone finding theirs?


Diaper Rash & Pampers

A.G. asks from Albuquerque

My twins got their 1yr shots on thursday, along with a flu shot. They both had diarrhea from friday thru yesterday ( which I was expecting it happened at 6months when...


Pampers Dry Max

C.S. asks from Columbus

With all the uproar on the internet about the new Pampers Dry Max diapers causing serious diaper rashes and leaking badly, I'm wondering if anyone here has experience...


Pampers VS. LUVS

N.O. asks from Dallas

Hello Moms, So I normally am a "Huggies ONLY" mom, I've tried every brand out there, including MANY store brands and always go back to Huggies. I have found a webs...