2 Year Old Birthday Party - Rockwall,TX

Updated on October 20, 2010
L.S. asks from Rockwall, TX
6 answers

Does anyone have suggestions for party fun for a 2 year old's birthday? His guests will include adults and kids from ages 2 to 8. His theme is Elmo.

Thank you for your input!

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answers from Atlanta on

Not sure if you have a yard or not, but my little boy just turned 2 and we just had some friends and kids over and had his party in the back yard. It was a gorgeous October day, and they all ran around and played and had fun. We did the cake and everything out there (and NO mess inside to clean up afterward!). The kids ranged from 2-7, and a BIG hit was the Stomp Rocket. I had wanted to get our boys one, and they're so cheap I ordered two from www.fatbraintoys.com. I got the Stomp Rocket and Stomp Rocket Jr. -simple, but they ALL loved it! If you want, and you have room -rent a bouncy house. Kids those ages LOVE them.

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answers from Saginaw on

we had an elmo party for my daughter when she turned 3. I am a pastry chef so I did her cake. I bought the elmo head pan from wilton, decorated it, its very easy and a novice could do it! I made cupcakes and postitioned them to look like a word bubble and wrote Happy Birthday Abbe in it! It was very cute and everyone loved it! We had an elmo pinata, pin the nose on Elmo, I bought em both at Party City, and that was all the games we played. The party was outside so the kids just ran around playing with each other! Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

I just had my son's Elmo birthday this past weekend; he turned two too! We bought him a play set, so the kids played on it the entire time, so I didn't have to plan activities. I saw several ideas online on various sites... Pin the nose on Elmo, An Oscar the Grouch trashcan toss, see how fast the kids could fill up a fish bowl (have them stand in line and pass the cup). Maybe "Bob for Goldfish". Going away from the theme, I had some potato sacks on hand my sister ordered from Oriental Trading, we didn't end up doing the race, but it probably would have been fun for the older kids.

I lucked out and found some dollar stuff at Target for favors-elmo cup, elmo bowl and an elmo stamp. You may check to see if they still have the stuff.

I ordered a book off Shutterfly where they put your child in the story. His name is Kole, so it was all about Elmo and all the other characters needing his help b/c the letter "K" had gone missing from Sesame Street. It's really a cute book! There are two Sesame Street books on Shutterfly-the one I got is the adventure one.

Ballons were a big hit...who would have thought! And not to just pop, they rana round the yard with them tied to their wrist!



answers from Dallas on

We did the Dallas Zoo for my sin's 2 year. They have many different birthday packages & a party room. It was a ton of fun & then everyone just walked around the zoo afterwards. I will definitely do it again


answers from Topeka on

Going outside to play is an awesome idea, considering that the weather will be nice.
We have done several things for parties. Your child will only be 2 and really won't remember this party. So going overboard is not something I suggest.
We do pin the tail on the donkey. You will not believe how much kids still love this game. We also do something called balloon pop. Blow up a bunch of balloons and whoever pops the most by sitting on it gets a "special" treat.... of course everyone gets a treat but this certain person may get a little extra. This would be only if you have some older kids coming to the party.... as I don't think a 2 year old could pop very many balloons.
I just say to keep it simple... Don't go overboard... have fun!

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