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4 Year Old with Burning When Urinating, When Do You Take to the Doctor?

G.S. asks from Houston

My daughter has been treating her 4 year old by eliminating sweets, only water to drink and, today, cranberry juice. It started 4 days ago, and it seems to get bette...


Baby Bubble Baths

F.M. asks from San Francisco

I was wondering when we can start giving the kids bubble baths. One of them has skin that is prone to drying out so we haven't started yet. They are 21 months and I a...


Vaginal Irrataion

L.N. asks from Honolulu

my lil girl complains constantly that her vagina hurts but theres no rash or any signs of irratation im at my wits end. its especially frustrating for me because im a...


Sudden Changes at Bathtime

S.F. asks from Charlotte

My 2yo son is getting his 2year molars in (he's 26 months old) and Im not sure if it's related to the problem we're having... I'm looking for feedback about this... ...


4 Mo Old Baby Has Eczema - Need Tips Please

K.R. asks from Goldsboro

my baby boy just got the official news that he has eczema. its horrible see him so uncomfortable and in pain and itchy. its spreading so fast. we just got t...


Clever or Interesting Wedding Favors (DIY)

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

What was the MOST CLEVER or INTERESTING wedding favor that you've seen / given / received? Is there one that REALLY STICKS OUT in your mind? Looking for interes...


7 Month Old Not Sleeping Well

J.Z. asks from Chicago

My son just turned 7 months this week and I am still having to get up repeatedly almost every night. I cannot figure out what works and what doesn't when it comes to...

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