Toddler: Dr. Browns

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Seeking Bottle

A.L. asks from Atlanta

I have recently gone back to work. I am still breastfeeding and pumping at work. My daughter is having a little problem taking the bottle. She does take it, but it ta...


Help!! My 71/2 Month Old Spits up 24/7, We've Tried EVERYTHING!!

L.A. asks from Cleveland

My daughter has been a very "spitty" up baby for what seems like forever. I was only able to breast feed for 2 mon's due to a milk duct problem in my breast. We hav...


Seeking Bottle Advice

M.G. asks from San Francisco

I have a 5 week old foster baby in my care who is very gassy. He has a problem pacing himself during feeding, and can get quite uncomfortable while eating. I’m a...


Bottle Issues

B.R. asks from Fayetteville

My 11 wk old will not take a bottle. She is exclusively breastfed, but I try to pump so that I can go out once in a while. So far, she will not take a bottle from h...


Fussy Baby with Lots of Burps and Gas!!! Help!!

N.T. asks from Detroit

My 6 week old is having a lot of issues with burps and gas. I am using dr. browns bottles and just switched to gentlease formula by enfamil a week ago (meant for thi...


Looking for More Info on the DPA Baby Bottle Recall

B.L. asks from Chicago

Has anyone heard about the baby bottle recall? My father called and said that he had just seen the end of a segment on the news about baby bottles being recalled bec...


BPA In Baby Bottles

A.M. asks from Spartanburg

I have been reading a lot lately about BPA in baby bottles. I am starting to get concerned that the bottles I have been giving my daughter for the past 8 months may ...



E.A. asks from Chicago

I am looking for new bottles. My son 4 years ago I bought Avent. I didn't like them then. Course they where not BPA free. So I have thrown them away. I don't wan...


Help with 4 Month Old Feeding Issues

L.B. asks from Kansas City

Hey mamas! I need some major help here. I have a four month old baby that, not be mean, has been a MAJOR challenge since she was born. I have a 2 year old also so ...


Opinions of Dr. Brown Bottles

M.N. asks from Philadelphia

Anybody has anythng to say about Dr. Brown bottles. I have a 2.5m old, used to use Avent and hated them-she gulped too much air on them. Switched to simples narrow Ge...