Help!! My 71/2 Month Old Spits up 24/7, We've Tried EVERYTHING!!

Updated on September 15, 2011
L.A. asks from Strongsville, OH
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My daughter has been a very "spitty" up baby for what seems like forever. I was only able to breast feed for 2 mon's due to a milk duct problem in my breast. We have tried every formula possible. Most recently we were on Similac AR which is supposed to help thicken and should control spit ups. On top of that she is on Zantac 3X a day! We have been on that for almost 5 mon's and the spitting up still hasen't lessened. Nobody can hold her, it's awful! She is gaining weight and is happy as can be. She was never colic or in pain. Just spittin up. So, now we are at her 7.5 month and on people food here and there. We use Dr. Browns bottles, I've also tried Avent and Born Free. Never noticed a difference. We recently tried Similac Isomil which we've tried in the past as well with no success. I just thought maybe it would work this time because she's older. NO change. It just smells even worse because of the soy and now with the people food mixed in, it smells like adult vomit. I can't take her anywhere. The doctor said he's not concerned because she's gaining weight and he had a child that was like this and she eventually grew out of it. I feel like at 7.5 months she should have grown out of by now...please any advice is greatly appreciated. She's not in any pain what so ever. IT's just sooo frustrating!!

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answers from New York on

She is gaining and healthy so just accept that this is they way it is. Hopefully it will not last much longer. Some kids are spitters.

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answers from Dallas on

I was always told that as long as the child was healthy and gaining appropriately, spitting up was a laundry problem, not a child problem.

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answers from Los Angeles on

If you trust her doctor I would rest easy and just wait for her to outgrow it. Gaining weight is the key and as she's doing that I would consider yourselves blessed.

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answers from Phoenix on

I'm just letting you know , I feel for you . My 1st son spit up horribly due to a medical issue. I don't have any advise for you but I know what a burden it is. Everything you said brought back those memories. Always being on guard when someone is holding the baby, smell ,& constant changing of clothes. I hope it gets better, for you.

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answers from Tampa on

Formula is hard to digest... unless you get the super expensive super synthetically modified formulas. Cow milk protein is hard on adults GI system - it's 10 times worse for infants.

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answers from Missoula on

Both my boys are or were very prone to spitting up. We never leave the house without a bib on baby and lots of really absorbent burp cloths as well as at least two changes of clothes. My older son is now 3 1/2, he grew out of it by about 9 or 10 months. The baby is 3 months now and is on his third pair of jammies so far tonight, probably 7 outfits total today, and I'm not changing his clothes for every little wet spot. My experience has been that babies do grow out of it eventually, but it can be frustrating.
You are probably already doing everything you can, but these are the things that seemed to help (a little) for my older son:
1. always use a slow-flow nipple and stop feeding after every few ounces to burp before continuing.
2. keep baby upright for 15 minutes or so after feeding.

Also, if the type and brand of formula doesn't make any difference to your daughter, pick the brand that stains the least and smells the best, relatively speaking. I always thought Similac formulas smelled the worst of all of them. We used Enfamil or Kirkland brand from Costco, and they smelled less offensive than some others.

Good luck!

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answers from Lafayette on

This is my son as a baby, too! He finally got better around 11-12 months and that was after we'd seen MANY doctors. But the best was a team a Riley Children's Hospital. (He had many more problems than just the terrible spit ups.) I have always been very picky about the food my kids eat. The Riley doc told me to add a little bit of rice cereal to his bottles. I followed her direction exactly. She also recommended special, easy to digest foods like lamb (yes, come to find out, Gerber does make lamb baby food!).

I did all the bottle and stuff, as well. I read that you tried Similac AR & Isomil, but have you tried Enfamil's Nutramigen or Similac's Alimentum? Those are the two easiest on their tummies. (I never noticed a difference with the Similac AR, but I noticed a slight difference with the Nutramigen & Alimentum. Alimentum smelled the worst, but seemed to work the best for my son.)

I know it's hard. I remember packing clothes for all of us, anywhere we went. I had to do so much laundry! Just stick with it. Even at the worst, you are over half way through it! :)


answers from Hartford on

Okay, breathe. It sounds like your pediatrician doesn't really have the situation under control and doesn't understand that even though she's gaining weight, GERD can still cause damage to her throat and stomach lining.

I think your next step needs to be to see a Pediatric Gastroenterologist. Your local Children's Hospital should have a Pediatric Gastroenterology department. Get her in there at the first available appointment and they can get her on an appropriate medication and an appropriate dosage amount. If it's not GERD then they still need to figure out why she's spitting up so much.

Vomiting can be a sign of being allergic to something, and in this case she could be allergic to the dairy milk. She may need something non-dairy. A Gastro specialist can help you figure that out and run tests to see if she's Lactose Intolerant or if she has Milk Protein Allergy.

In the meantime until you can see a Gastro specialist, talk to your doctor about switching your daughter to a soy-based formula. Make sure that there's no dairy milk in it at all and see how that goes. Just know that it takes 2 full weeks to get dairy completely out of the system.


answers from Norfolk on

Some kids spit up almost to their first birthday.
She will grow out of it sooner or later so try to be patient.
Have you tried smaller meals more frequently?


answers from Kansas City on

Could be reflux or an allergic reaction. Talk to your pediatrician.



answers from Lima on

Sounds like my 2nd child. She didn't spit up until she was 2 months old. She was on Zantac too and I got tired of giving her the medicine. I started her on whole milk at 4 months old along w/ a daily vitamin (I used Shaklee Multivitamin but you can use the Enfamil drops) and she is now 13 months and a very healthy baby. I never told my pediatrician about switching her to whole milk just because they strongly advise against it because they can develop allergies to it early in life. I was put on whole milk when I was about 4 months old too and my mother was told this from my doctor. I stopped spitting up immediately!!!!

Now as for my child, she never stopped, but by putting her on whole milk, it really reduced the amount of it. Unfortunately, the whole milk spit up is worse smelling than the formula. It smells like rotten milk!!!

I know it's frustrating. I also purchased this stuff at CVS. I can't remember what it's called but it's an herb for kids with GERD. It did help my daughter as long as I would give it to her every day a few times a day, but it got expensive and then I would forget to give it to her.

I would tell your pediatrician that obviously the Zantac isn't working since she is still doing it and you'd like to have her stop taking it. By the way, I heard if you stick a infant on Zantac too long, they can develop stomach issues later in life. If the pediatrician says to keep her on it, then they aren't a good doctor and I would look into someone else.

Good luck!



answers from Tucson on

i used to add rice cereal to my sons bottle to help with spitting up.



answers from Cleveland on

Both of my babies spit up. My daughter spit up until she was 6 months old. But my son spit up until he was 1 year old (when he moved to milk)! He was on Zantac which only caused him to spit up less...but he still spit up. I know it's annoying, but your baby will grow out of it. I kept running out of burp clothes and moved to washcloths and towels. Try to hang in there!


answers from Houston on

Girl my first spit like no other until he was nine months old! I would ALWAYS have to take like 3 outfits everywhere, he lived in a bib, I only handed him to people after I put a receiving blanket over their shoulder and I just accepted that 99.9% of the time I was going to be accessorized with baby puke. I brought extra clothes with me sometimes as well. I would have like 5 receiving blankets tightly rolled along the bottom of my diaper bag, it was insane. But like you, he was on meds and was a little chunky monkey and doing just great, super happy and all that, he just spit to beat the band! So just know that it does end. By a year, she will be so much better. I haven't read your other responses, but from my experience it is just a blip on the map and then you are like me about to throw them a 4th bday party, YIKES!! Hang in there reflux is no joke, I totally understand ;)


answers from Redding on

I had one that never spit up and then one that projectiled all the time, you had to hold him facing out or you would get drenched. I think it finally stopped at around 9 mos. I'm sure its reflux but if she's not uncomfortable and is gaining wait I definitely would not put her on drugs for it. Ride it out, she wont be doing it forever. Make note of it in her baby book. You can laugh when she has a daughter that may do the same thing down the road. And keep up with the bibs, that's one of the reasons a smart mommy invented them :) Oh, and you may as well have a "spit up smock" handy for people to share that want to hold her.



answers from Fort Wayne on

My son didn't spit up as much as yours, but after a year it did turn into throw up. The doctors werent real concerned he gained weight and was always about 3 years old they decided to run some tests...after an endoscopy we found out he has esophagitis which is an allergic reaction that causes his throat to swell and him to throw up...He is allergic to dust, trees, grass, milk protien, oats, dogs, cats, etc.....if it feels off to advice is to not let up with the doctors demand testing so you can rest easy...i didn't and it took three years to find out



answers from Los Angeles on

Same story for us with my baby girl. Tried Prevacid, switched formulas, finly saw a GI since she had a stool issue too. Seemed like she'd never grow out if it and I HATED being told "it was normal!"

After trying Similac for gas, we tried Soy. That never worked. Then after the specialist we had to order Neocate online & we spent a fortune on just 4 little cans each time! It was crazy expensive! The thought was it was hypoallergenic and the proteins and everything are so broken down for easy digestion. I thought for sure our baby was allergic to cow's milk!
It got to the point where burp cloths weren't enough so we'd use her blankets! She would go to bed with her blanket touching her face so eventually she had to have her blanket on her face at night as a comfort.
After being on the Neocate for quite some time we felt it made little or no change and it was very hard to order & buy, I took her off. I decided it would be much nicer to buy her formula at the store so I put her on Nutramagen. (Neocate & Nutramagen are both awful smelling)! Eventually that too didn't make a difference so we then switched her to breastmilk (she was adopted & I was preg & delivered 4 months after she was born) so she went to breastmilk & that seemed to help a bit. When my milk stopped coming in I put her in reg Enfamil & began to add cereal to her bottles. It would clog the nipple it a little so ee'f make a larger hole- not too large. I swear by the slow flow! She's 11 months now & still on slow. (sometimes the Medium is okay) eventually it slowed down & stopped. She hasn't been spitting up for a long time now. I never thought there'd be ab end in sight! Now my other baby is spitting up suddenly out of the blue at seven months! Frustrating! I was just taking to my hudband tonight recalling how awful and hard it was when all we did was clean up spit up- never thought an end was in sight! Now my niece is also doing the same- I feel so so bad for her parents!

Oh I'm sure you have her elevated too. That's important! I do recommend if you still feel something is wrong then call your doc again or go in and also see a pediatric GI to help ease your mind. An allergy is still a possibility. Just because she's happy & gaining weight doesn't mean you can't look into it a little further. Just want you to know worrying is okay! Promise! Good luck!!!



answers from New York on

I had a little boy who attended my daycare who did the same thing. He is on Zantac and another medicine I can't recall. He takes the medication about 30 minutes before eating to settle the stomach before bottles, and food etc. I have to say since he is eating solids all three meals and the medication he has stopped. I really believe the weight of the solids helps. Also, we had to put rice cereal in the bottle to thicken it. The vomiting was so bad that it would project across the room. Don't settle for your pediatrician passing it off. Go to a pediatric gastro doctor they specialize in this and can give her relief. Even though she isn't in pain, and gaining weight, it must be uncomfortable for her to constantly spit up, and a pain for you to have to clean up. I would get another opinion. Oh and he is also on Allumentum (sp) formula. Good luck!!



answers from Kansas City on

how long have you been using the soy? It take the body a month to get rid of the dairy. I nurse and my baby was also very spitty. We did Zantac and then had to switch to Prevacid for something a little stronger. I gave up dairy and that's helped TREMENDOUSLY! He's almost 7 mos. Also, do you sort of hold her up about 30 minutes after she eats. I know it's frustrating, but keep trying to find out what's going on. I wouldn't give up on the soy formula yet...give it a few weeks to see if there's some improvement. Keep talking to your pediatrician too...he/she can be a great resource for you.



answers from Omaha on

Our first daughter was the exact same way. She lives in a bib until she was about 11 mos old. We tried almost all formulas and she was on prevacid and Zantac. Our doctor said she was just a happy spitter. At 12 months she weighed 25 lbs! Sometimes their little flap in the esophogus is under developed and that can cause spitting.

Hang in there, it will get better. It is quite inconvenient though. I looked back at her baby pics a few days ago and couldn't believe how many outfits we went through in a day! PS our second daughter that is 7 1/2 months old doesn't spit up at all :)

Good luck!!!


answers from Little Rock on

I totally feel your pain, and I hate to say this to you, but you might just have to settle in for the fight! What you describe sounds almost JUST like what we went through/are going through. My daughter would never latch on and I pumped and gave her breast milk for the first 7 weeks of life. She was super fussy on breast milk. We switched to formula and she got much better on the fussiness. She ALWAYS spit up from day one. Now she is 19 months (yes NINETEEN) and she *STILL* spits up. Actually now it is more like vomit that comes out like spit up. Everyday, several times a day. We have tried every reflux med known to man with no results. She is a "happy spitter" and has always weighed in well and thrived, so the doctors never seemed concerned. FINALLY I convinced them that it was time for a swallow study to see if there is a cause we are not seeing. I am SO tired of burp rags and puke!!!! I would wait until she is 12 months or walking, and if she is still spitting up after that, I would INSIST on a swallow study. If reflux meds don't work, then just maybe it isn't reflux!

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